Scorpion: Rogue Element (Recap and Review)

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Rogue Element, this week’s episode of Scorpion has a plot that finally puts someone that Gallo cares about in danger, apart from Walter. Generally in most of the episodes thus far it is either his surrogate son O’Brien or one of his team, who also seem to be surrogate children to Cabe, with the exception of Toby, who are endangered in the show. This episode has the federal agent’s former wife the object of unwanted attention which is prefaced by a congressman being blown to bits whilst aboard his boat.

The show begins with the man heading out for a relaxing bit of fun with an aide and just as the men get settled, with the younger one starting to ask a question, the craft explodes and a fire ball envelopes the boat. When it clears there seems to be nothing left of the two men in the wreckage. After this fiery beginning, Walter is seen bringing in a tall, heavy box while his team and Ralph look on.

The large package contains an arcade game that O’Brien has bought for his Scorpion crew to repay them for a lot of jobs well done. Just as he promises Paige’s son that he can have the first game Ralph’s father Drew comes in to take the boy to school. The ball player speaks quietly to Walter to thank him for helping him communicate with his genius son about baseball. He also thanks the head of Scorpion for helping him to speed up his pitch by three mph and reveals that he has a chance to play professionally again, which may mean taking Ralph and Paige up to Portland, Oregon or leaving his son and estranged wife again. The talk stresses Walter out since he likes Ralph and has a thing for Paige. Cabe notices this and suggests that two of them go out to get some bagels “for the team.”

While the two men are out, Cabe gets a one word text message that says “Gumbo.” The cryptic text is from “R” and Gallo tell Walter to text back “Confirmed.” The agent tells Walter to follow his lead and speeds the car up. When they arrive at a hotel, Walter tells Cabe that he counted 18 evasive maneuvers on the way over to the address. Cabe knocks on the door with some sort of code and an answering knock comes back from the other side.

When Gallo is let in, his ex wife is revealed to be in the hotel room. She explains that she is in trouble and Cabe offers to help. Walter comes in and meets Rebecca (Burns) and learns that the woman found some information that pointed to money laundering and she downloaded it to her USB flash drive. When she tried to leave the building security wanted to search her but she dropped the drive into a planter and got out without being searched. When she got home, there was a masked man in her house. Walter offers up his Scorpion team to help Cabe’s ex wife.

In Scorpion: Rogue Element Rebecca meets the team who have to decipher a six digit alpha numeric code that she found – Ca 78 SE. After a couple of guesses the news comes on and reveals that the congressman who was blown up, was an activist who was 78th District congressman in California. The group realise that the last two letters stand for special election. The fact that Rebecca actually found the files with this code before the death of the congressman, means he was murdered.

Walter and his Scorpion team go to retrieve the flash drive, O’Brien goes into grab the device from the potted plant that Cabe’s ex wife dropped it into getting trapped in the process by the same man who wanted to search Cabe’s ex wife. Walter escapes, barely, and Gallo angrily chastises the younger man. Later Rebecca explains that her ex cares about O’Brien and that is why he got so upset. The rest of the team, Toby, Happy and Sylvester head to the marina to search the congressman’s boat. Using Gallo’s badge, Happy searches the wreckage and learns how the boat was blown up.

When the two separate groups head back to Scorpion headquarters they find that the place has been torn apart by someone looking for the flash drive. Realizing that they are being watched, the crew decide to go off the grid, replacing their cell phones with burners and Paige pulls Ralph from school to keep him safe. The group head to a house in the country where they can lay low. As Walter’s Scorpion troops set up to find who killed the congressman and his aide Cabe and his ex spend some time talking about their marriage falling apart after their daughter died.

The safe house turns out to be where the child died and Walter figures it out when he sees a coffee mug placed upside down on a countertop on paper towel, something the agent does at the office. When O’Brien tells Rebecca that they will get out as quick as they can, the woman tells the head of Scorpion about how much Cabe cares about the younger man. The group find their suspect, he is spotted buying the piece of pipe used to trick police into thinking the explosion was an accident and they then find the motive behind the murder, seconds before Rebecca is kidnapped.

Rushing outside, they discover that all the tires of both vehicles have been flattened. Cabe and Walter grab the agent’s old Pontiac Le Mans to chase the kidnappers down. Walter’s team, mainly Happy, help out from their end controlling railway crossings and using CCTV to spot the car that has Rebecca. The Scorpion team follow Walter and Cabe’s progress after they wreck the Pontiac and after getting another car, Happy helps O’Brien perform a pit maneuver to stop the other vehicle and they rescue Gallo’s ex wife.

Cabe and Rebecca clear the air about how they feel and as she leaves Gallo’s former wife tells Walter to take care of him. The genius leader of Scorpion tells the federal agent that he sees him as a father figure. Drew and Walter come to an agreement of sorts and Cabe tells his “son” not to get too worried at the possibility of Ralph’s father moving the boy genius away. Next week it looks like the team go international.

by Michael Smith