Scorpion: Talismans (Recap and Review)

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This week’s episode of Scorpion, Talismans continues to reveal more about Walter O’Brien and members of his team, and the audience learn a lot more about his dying sister Megan, played by Camille Guaty (Happyland, Cake) who does a great job of helping to fill more gaps about the high IQ head of Team Scorpion. The beginning of the show has Walter bailing his sister out of jail after she resisted arrest at a casino. She asks to be allowed to hang out at his office (garage) for the day and he reluctantly agrees.

Minutes after Megan meets her brother’s colleagues they get called to a new mission. Where they have to help the military recover a downed pilot’s body and some high security hardware decryption is needed in Bosnia. At the briefing, Walter and his team do their usual job of alienating the potential employer. Toby as usual gets the funniest lines, at one point referring to the leader of their joint task force as G.I Joe. When the man says his name is Lt. James Corbin, Toby’s response is “My mistake, G.I Jim.” Comic delivery is a speciality of the actor playing Toby, Eddie Kaye Thomas, who actually played Paul Finch in the American Pie franchise, repeatedly.

O’Brien’s team learn that despite being in a situation where they will be surrounded by “violent rebels” his group will not be armed, they find this out on the flight over to Bosnia. Before that, Sylvester tells Walter he can help them more from the garage and the rest of the Scorpion team are approached by the, thought to be, dead pilot’s wife who asks them to put a picture in his pocket and to bring back a necklace that is around his neck. Sylvester agrees to look after Megan.

Another splendid comic moment is the slow motion walking scene to the plane. The military side’s team look totally bad-a** while Walt, Happy, Paige and Toby look anything but. Happy is pulling at her trousers and hopping, Paige is slathering on sunblock, Toby is messing with his hat and Walter is losing his mission papers and scrambling to retrieve them. After the two disparate groups arrive in Bosnia the truck they are in blows a front tire. Happy puts her flashlight on the flat tire which draws gunfire from rebels in the area. As the two teams take cover behind some rocks, Happy talks Toby into making a break for it.

The two Scorpion team members do so and promptly fall down a ravine separating them from the rest of the rescue group. In Talismans, O’Brien and his team have to move quickly to find the plane, the dead pilot and the hardware. Walter gets hold of Sylvester to find out where Happy and Toby are.They then make plans to reunite and Cabe tells the two to head out and he puts Happy in charge. O’Brien and Corbin almost come to blows after the military man takes the sat phone away and Paige does what she does best for Scorpion which is calming things down.

Meanwhile Sylvester and Megan bond over Walter’s personal box of talismans, which he says are a sign of weakness. Things go well until Walt’s sister pulls out a hotel card key, something Sylvester does not want to talk about. Back in Bosnia the two teams reach the plane and learn that the burnt wreckage is a ruse and that the pilot is not dead, Agent Gallo announces that they are now going to rescue the pilot as well as the hardware.

The pilot is being tortured by rebels to tell them the password for the encrypted hardware. While the Scorpion and military team work out that the plane was sabotaged and forced down into Bosnia while Happy and Toby start letting their walls down and get to know each other a bit better. Walter and the Lieutenant also start to bond and Toby treats Happy’s wound, revealing more about himself to his Scorpion colleague. They spot a cottage and head toward it for food.

The other part of Scorpion cross a field of flower patches and when one of the SEALS throws his MRI pouch away he sets off a landmine. The group have to work out how to cross the rest of the field safely. Lt. Corbin steps on a mine and Walter tries to disarm it but fails, and luckily for both men, the mine is a dud. Prior to that Toby and Happy enter the cottage and meet a local with a shotgun. Igor. The man with the gun, “loves U.S.A.” and greets them with open arms.

Igor reveals that “bad men” came to the cottage, which is a satellite input station and forced the jet down. Walt and his two team members talk and he sets things up for them to rendezvous outside the rebel base. Lt. Corbin and Walter have a great interaction, the Lt. compliments O’Brien on figuring out things about the downed plane and he responds with, “No big deal, had a problem saw a solution.” He then tells Corbin how impressed he was with the SEALS work at the ambush, the LT. responds with, “No big deal, had a problem saw a solution.” Walter starts to smile.

Back at Scorpion headquarters, Sylvester explains about the hotel room and he reveals his guilt at not going with his friend and boss to Bosnia. The team find the pilot and after a little difficulty, rescue the man. Before the two men infiltrate the building, Paige tells Walter that she would give him a good luck charm but she knows he does not believe in that sort of thing, so she just wishes him good luck.

Cabe has to steal a van with no fan belt and he calls Sylvester, the one Scorpion member not in Bosnia and he tells Gallo how to jury rig one out of toilet paper. O’Brien tricks the rebel leader into allowing him to erase the hardware and after that he gets a weapon to Corbin who takes care of the rebels. All three men escape. As the group take the stolen van to the plane, they find Happy being given a piggy-back by Toby, when they stop to pick them up, Happy says “nobody saw this.”

Back on U.S. soil Corbin gives Walter a “unit challenge coin” and the Scorpion leader gives the SEAL a free war movie DVR code. Sylvester tells his boss that next time he will be there. Happy tells Toby he took good care of her on the mission and he says he could take better care of her. Happy says, “Wow, you never give up.” Turning away she says, “That’s good.” Toby looks very pleased. Walter and Megan work out some issues that he has about her dying. At the end of their talk, O’Brien takes another step toward accepting his human side, this time with his sister’s help. This “based on the life of Walter O’Brien” show keeps getting better and better. The soundtrack, the scripts and the actors all help to sell this series.

Jack McLaughlin in his guest starring stint on Scorpion: Talisman does a great job with a part without a lot of screen time almost like a younger Robert Patrick, who also makes the most of his limited time in front of the camera. CBS has got a series that should be around for some time yet, even though its not been approved for a second season.

By Michael Smith



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