Shia LaBeouf Collaborators Speak Out

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After TV personality and U.S. commentator, Piers Morgan took to Twitter over the weekend to criticize Shia LaBeouf for his claims that he was raped during his #IAMSORRY exhibit, LaBeouf’s collaborators in the event chose to speak out in defense of the actor. The collaborators in the exhibit, Finnish artist Nastja Sade Ronkko and British artist Luke Turner both went on to social media on Sunday to defend the actor against Morgan and his rant that he did not believe he was sexually assaulted. Even when Morgan continued to question the artists over why they did not do more to stop the rape, the artists defended not only themselves but also LaBeouf.

In his Twitter rant, Morgan said that by claiming he was raped, LaBeouf is demeaning legitimate rape victims. He also called the actor out and said that not only did he believe that this was a PR stunt but that he did not believe that anyone would sit quietly and allow another individual to sexually assault them. When other Twitter users chose to defend LaBeouf and in turn questioned Morgan by asking what if a rape actually did occur, Morgan responded back by saying that the people who were defending the actor should be ashamed of themselves and that he felt that the world had basically gone crazy.

Following the rant, both of LaBeouf’s collaborators took to their personal social media accounts to speak out on what happened at the exhibit. Both artists decided that it was important to clarify not only what happened at the #IAMSORRY exhibit but to also explain what occurred. In the first set of Tweets sent out by Turner, he made the clarification that at no point did the installation ever say that individuals who came in to participate in the interactive exhibit could do whatever they wanted to the actor. Ronkko, in her first tweet said that as soon as the two became aware of what was happening to the actor they put a stop to it and made sure that the woman left.

When the artists were asked if they contacted the police in regards to incident there was no response however he did say that the collaboration did continue. Morgan also responded to Turner and asked him why he would let LaBeouf’s alleged rapist walk away. At that point, Turner responded by saying that at the time of the incident it was not immediately clear exactly what had taken place and that the safety of all of the people in the gallery was their priority. He followed that up with the fact that the woman actually ran out versus just walking away. Turner also told Morgan that it was really not his place to make any further comments on the incident.

While LaBeouf’s collaborators for the #IAMSORRY exhibit were willing to speak out on his behalf, Morgan still questioned them on Twitter as to why they would not call the police or why they would allow the woman to leave the premises. Morgan continued to question the artists in a series of follow up Tweets even going so far as to say if LaBeouf allowed a woman to rape him in silence as a part of performance art then that was BS.

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