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LaBeoufShia LaBeouf made an appearance in a Manhattan court on Tuesday morning to discuss the progress he has made while attending court ordered outpatient alcohol rehab. This was the actor’s first appearance in court since he was ordered into rehab by a judge back in September. The hearing on Tuesday was a probation compliance hearing following his September guilty plea for disorderly conduct.

The September guilty plea stemmed from an incident earlier in the summer when LaBeouf was arrested at Studio 54 during a performance of Cabaret. During the performance, LaBeouf apparently stood up and screamed obscenities at the cast as well as at the guards trying to have him removed from the premises. At one point he was smacking random audience members on the back and he was also smoking inside the building. Although he refused to leave the premises he was eventually removed from the building.LaBeouf

Following LaBeouf’s arrest for creating a disturbance and refusing to leave the theater, the actor was also abusive to the arresting officers and created further disturbances at the police department. Not only did he apparently spit at a police officer, but he ranted at officers using explicit language and even a homophobic slur. The summer incident was only one incident in a string of exceedingly erratic behavior by the actor.

When LaBeouf appeared in court on Tuesday in order to show the judge that he was making progress, he was dressed in a navy suit and arrived clean shaven. The hearing on Tuesday was a way for the actor to show the courts that he was successfully completing his treatment at The Hills Treatment Center. Based on his plea deal, if he not only completes the six months of court ordered rehab but also has no additional arrests over the next six months, then his record will be wiped clean.

LaBeouf’s attorney spoke to the media and said that his client has been doing a great job staying compliant with the court ordered rehab and that he is happy that the court is acknowledging that. Based on reports from the courthouse, LaBeouf did not speak to speak to any of the reporters waiting outside of the courthouse as he left the building. He is expected to return to court March 20th as part of the review for his adjournment in contemplation of dismissal, which will dismiss the charges against him as long he continues to abide by the terms of his plea agreement.

Just last month LaBeouf made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live to discuss his actions over the summer. Although the actor joked with Kimmel about his behavior and said that he was portraying Tupac when he had his confrontation with the police, he did mention that he was handling his problem with alcohol. If LaBeouf continues to make progress with his rehab program and continues to stay out of trouble with the police, then he will have the opportunity to have his guilty plea withdrawn, which will lead to his case being dismissed and his record wiped clean.

By Kimberley Spinney


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