Solange Knowles and Alan Ferguson Marry

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Solange Knowles

Solange Knowles married Alan Ferguson at the weekend, close to her New Orleans home. They two tied the knot in front of family and friends on Sunday at the Marigny Opera House nondenominational church. Family members including her sister Beyonce and brother-in-law Jay Z, despite rumors that the family have been at war since the May elevator incident.

The two paths cross thanks to their time in the music business. Ferguson is a video music director and videographer, and has worked with Jay Z and Beyonce. He has also worked with celebrities like Katy Perry and more. Meanwhile Knowles has focused on her own music career, as well as being a writer and model.

Their relationship had been relatively private, with their wedding following a similar pattern. They were seen at various parties and music functions together, with the first public appearance at an art gallery in 2008.

This is the second marriage for the 28-year-old singer. She married young, and had one child. That marriage ended in divorce, which she believes gave her a great perspective on life. She feels more wisdom and confidence, which many say only comes in a person’s 30s. Her decisions are now based on want and inspiration, which she believes is working for her.

Knowles and Ferguson married, but certainly not in a traditional way. To start with, the bride was not in a beautiful princess gown. She wore a white jumpsuit with a very low cut neckline. A long throw covered her shoulders, and she kept her hairstyle with her popular afro. The groom wore all white, without a tie.

The guests also attended in white. Jay Z wore a similar suit to his new brother-in-law, again without the tie. Blue Ivy was in attendance in a beautiful white dress, and her hair very much like her aunt’s. When Beyonce was spotted, she was not ready for the event. However, sources claim that she was also dressed in white to go along with the theme of the day.

There have been rumors that the relationship between Beyonce and Jay Z is still rocky. The former Destiny’s Child singer was spotted arriving on her own to the event, and was surrounded by her family during it. However, it is possible that she was arriving from a separate destination to her husband. The two are no longer on tour together, and have their own schedules.

Jay Z’s attendance has helped to calm the nerves of his and Beyonce’s fans. Many of the problems seemed to have stemmed from Jay Z’s and Knowles’ rocky relationship, but he has shown support by being at the wedding. Many will remember that he decided against attending best friend Kanye West’s wedding, possibly due to not supporting the day or the fact that he was marrying Kim Kardashian. If Jay Z does not want to do something, it seems no amount of pressure will make him.

The wedding was a small and private affair. Knowles and Ferguson reportedly married in front of just 50 guests, and shared a video of how they met as their favor to them.

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