Bangkok Shipping Company Discovers Human Body Parts in Packages



In Bangkok, Thailand, the shipping company DHL recently discovered three packages addressed to the United States that contained human body parts, according to Fox News, who broke this story. The shipping company discovered the packages containing the human body parts when they put them through a routine X-ray check.

The packages contained preserved body parts, such as human skin, a tiny heart, the feet of three babies, and a baby’s head and intestines. The grisly findings were reported by the shipping company to the Bangkok police, who tracked the shipping number to an American tourist, who was 31. According to Police Colonel Chumpol Poompuang, the man said found the human body parts at a Bangkok night market.

Chumpol stated that the American tourist said he wanted to send the human body parts, which he thought “were bizarre,” to some of “his friends in the U.S.” One of the packages was addressed to himself, and all of them bore addresses in Las Vegas. After being questioned for several hours, the American tourist was released and no charages were filed against him.

Chumpal added that the human body parts were contained in separately sealed acrylic boxes and preserved in formaldehyde. According to the police, the method used to preserve the the human body parts seemed to be professional. They were checking with medical institutes in Thailand to determine if the body parts were stolen.

In Thailand, some people like to possess items like preserved fetuses as they are believed by some cults to provide good luck or ward off evil. They are used by some people in the practice of black magic.

In Bangkok, Thailand, a shipping company discovered the gruesome packages containing the preserved human body parts. No charges have been filed, as apparently the explanation the American man provided was determined to be a valid one.

Written By Douglas Cobb

Fox News
Photo by Ian Fuller – Flickr License