St. Louis Carjacking Turns Deadly

St. Louis

A shootout erupted during a carjacking in a north St. Louis neighborhood which has left two people dead and three more injured. The early-afternoon carjacking took place in the Walnut Park West area close to the intersection of Leonora Avenue and Goodfellow Boulevard. According to a report from a St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department spokeswoman, gunfire was exchanged between two vehicles during the carjacking. Two people were pronounced dead when police arrived, ant the other three shooting victims were taken to a local hospitals. No information has yet been released about the nature of the other three victims’ injuries or about their condition and whether there is still potential for further loss of life as a result of these shootings. There is no indication yet whether the shooting victims were the individuals perpetrating the carjacking or those having their car stolen. More information is expected to be released shortly as the investigation continues at the crime scene.

By Jim Malone


Image courtesy of Paul Vincent – Flickr License

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