Star Wars to Join ‘Kingdom Hearts’ Saga

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Kingdom Hearts series and fans may be even more attracted to what the games have to offer with the talk of Star Wars joining the next installment of the game. Kingdom Hearts is known for meshing together the best of Disney classics with Square Enix’s Final Fantasy characters in an unusual, but surprisingly flawless way.

Since Disney now has the rights to LucasArts and all things Star Wars, fans of the Kingdom Hearts brand have been aching to know if the galaxy far far away will make an appearance in the world of KH ever since Disney took over. As time has gone on Square Enix, developers of Kingdom Hearts, have released a few trailers to showcase that the game is in development, but no major plot lines or new characters have officially been brought to light.

Kingdom Hearts III will mark the next true sequel in the saga, with there being multiple side-games and prequels based in within the same world up to this point. The release date for the latest title has remained rather foggy, but the majority of sources predict that audiences can see a late 2015 or early 2016 release of the game.

The topic of adding Star Wars characters has run amuck the game’s fans for some time now, but demands to see characters from the Marvel universe have been made as well. Since Disney also has ownership of Marvel, it is highly possible that gamers could see heroes like Iron Man flying about in KH3. The popular toy/video game hybrid Disney Infinity took advantage of the situation as they recently introduced an arsenal of Marvel super heroes into the list of playable characters in the game.

Yet another franchise fans are hoping to see make an appearance in Kingdom Hearts III is that of the mega-hit Disney film Frozen. Characters like Elsa the Snow Queen and bosses like the ravenous snow monster Marshmallow would make very good additions to the KH franchise as the storyline of Frozen is ultimately what it owes its success to and the world of Kingdom Hearts thrives on the power of story.

The inclusion of Star Wars would be a very smart marketing move for Square Enix, as the first live-action feature film of the franchise in the past ten years, The Force Awakens, will be making its way onto the silver screen in the winter of 2015. The use of more iconic characters such as Darth Vader and Yoda would be more practical within the Kingdom Hearts realm as opposed to the new characters that are to be introduced in the new Star Wars franchise. Nevertheless it would be a very interesting mesh to see the characters of Kingdom Hearts fighting against or alongside a plethora of lightsaber wielders.

The decision for Star Wars to join the Kingdom Hearts saga is inevitably up to Disney for the final call. One must put faith in the likes of KH director Tetsuya Nomura that he will bring forth one of the best installments the franchise has yet to experience.

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