Supernatural 200th Episode Songs Available for Download


Fans of the songs from the 200th episode of Supernatural can rejoice, as they are now all available for download. There were three great original songs from the episode, with a very different cover of a fan favorite, Carry on My Wayward Son.

The Kansas song is played for the catch-up at the end of each season of Supernatural. It has become something that fans all love and expect now, so it made sense for that to be the one unoriginal song used in Fan Fiction. It is a very slow version to really give people the feeling behind the lyrics, and was also a great way to have brothers Sam and Dean Winchester on the show visibly affected by the song.

The iconic song was covered by Alyssa Lynch, Katie Sarife, Vivien Armour, Rachel Warkentin, Nina Winkler and Kelli Ogmundson on the TV show, and that is the version used on the track. It is part of the 200th episode album available on iTunes now.

For those who do not want to pay, there is a free download of one of the songs, I’ll Just Wait Here Then. This was sung by Nina Winkler, who played Castiel on the episode. Many fans will remember when Castiel was left on the side of the road because Dean needed to get “like four hours sleep.” Dean suddenly hung up while Castiel was talking, leaving the angel to say the simple like “I’ll just wait here, then.”

All four songs from the 200th episode of Supernatural are now available for download. The other two are the Road So Far and A Single Man Tear.

The Road So Far was the opening number, and taken from the line used to catch people up with the events of the season just before the finale. In the stage musical of the episode, it was used to catch the audience up on the original storyline of Sam being fed the demon blood, Mary Winchester being killed and John Winchester taking his sons hunting for supernatural creatures to get his revenge. This track was sung by Alyssa Lynch, who played Dean on the stage.

A Single Man Tear was a tip to fans who have noticed Jensen Ackles’ amazing ability to shed a single tear without showing any emotion. It is seen as one of Dean’s great characteristics when he has to deal with extremely emotional experiences that shock him to the core. Katie Sarife and Alyssa Lynch perform the song, and was one of the fan favorites from the whole milestone episode.

Supernatural is not the first show to release music used in an episode, especially a musical episode. Buffy the Vampire Slayer released a full album of tracks used throughout its musical episode in season six of the show. Tracks included Walk Through the Fire, Rest in Peace and Under Your Spell. Nashville has also released all its tracks performed on its show, which has helped the network keep it going. It makes sense for Supernatural to follow suit by making all the songs from its 200th episode available for download.

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