Supernatural Showrunner and NBC Plan Frequency Reboot


Supernatural’s showrunner Jeremy Carver and NBC are planning to work together on a Frequency reboot. Fans of the programming featuring the Winchester may not need to worry yet. There is no confirmation that the show will not continue on past season 10. There is hope for NBC that the reboot will be a success considering Carver’s continued success with the CW show.

Not many details have been shared yet. However, it seems like it will be very much like the movie, but set 30 years after it finished. NBC said that the NYPD detective will connect with his son again. The two need to work together and heal their relationship, if they want to “change the history” of events with tragic consequences. There is no confirmation of who will star or when it will air.

Many will be surprised to hear that Frequency is being turned into a TV show. The movie, which starred Jim Caviezel and Dennis Quaid as the son/father team, was not as popular as hoped in 2000. There is not a cult following either, which usually leads to the decision to start a TV show.

There is certainly a supernatural element to the show, so it makes sense to hire someone like Carver to handle it. Carver has been part of the Supernatural team from season three, when he joined as a story editor and writer. He then became the co-producer in 2009 and finally executive producer from the show’s eighth season. The show picked up from that eighth season after a questionably couple of years. There is hope that he can do the same with this new reboot.

NCB and Supernatural showrunner Carver will work together on the Frequency reboot, with Carver penning the idea. He is under an overall deal with Warner Bros. Television.

The movie had Quiad’s detective character die while on the job. Caviezel plays the son, who needs to prevent history from repeating itself due to an old radio and his love. There were a number of questions regarding the butterfly effect from the movie, which may be answered within the TV show.

The CW show previous covered a storyline where an event from the past was changed. Carver may take some ideas from that, depending on the full idea for the show. During the show’s sixth season in episode My Heart Will Go On, the angel Balthazar, played by Sebastian Roche, prevents the Titanic from sinking. In the end, the Winchester brothers have to deal with Fate and put things back to normal when descendents of those born from the ship’s victims start dying.

So far, the Frequency series has been given a script-plus-penalty agreement. For those at the network, this is very close to getting a pilot, and possibly a whole series. It certainly seems like there is a butterfly effect in play, and Cavielzel’s character from the movie will need to deal with the death of his mother due to changing history. Things still seem to be in the planning stages for the Frequency reboot with Supernatural’s showrunner Carver and NBC working together.

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