Supernatural Season 10 Spoilers Include Crowley, Castiel and Charlie

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The recent spoilers for Supernatural’s 10th season include the three Cs: Crowley, Castiel and Charlie. There are surprising stories for all of them, along with admissions from the writers about when they will and will not appear.

Many fans will be looking forward to episode five on November 11. It is the 200th episode, and a musical number. It was teased at Comic Con that this was a love letter to the fans, and is aptly named Fan Fiction. Dean and Sam already know that their lives were written as a novel series called Supernatural. They then found out about the world of fan fiction, and what some fans would love to see. Now they will step into the world of a school musical written about the show.

The love letter to fans will not include two of the regular series cast members: Crowley and Castiel. It will all be about Dean and Sam as they figure out what evil is in the school, while enduring a musical about their lives. While fans love the angel and demon working with and against the brothers, having another episode of just the two brothers for the 200th milestone is possibly the best thing.

Spoilers for the 10th season of Supernatural include Charlie, as well as Crowley and Castiel. She is expected to make a return at some point, but will not be the snarky, geeky, happy-go-lucky girl that fans came to love and known.

The last time she was seen was on her way to Oz with Dorothy, who it turned out was a real person. She went through the door, and never looked back. That is until now. She is back from Oz and it does not seem all that it was expected to be.

According to Robbie Thompson, writer for Supernatural, she will bring something scary back with her. It is up to her and the brothers to figure out what this “something” is and how to deal with it. Nothing else has been confirmed about the episode, or even when it will be.

Felicia Day, who plays the lesbian character, tweeted a photo from the Supernatural set. It was of the Impala and simply said that it was her last day of filming on the set. It is very likely that the episode will air either just before the year ends or at the start after the winter break.

The 200th episode is the one that many fans are looking forward to. While Crowley and Castiel, played by Mark Shepherd and Misha Collins respectively, will not be appearing, they will be mentioned. It seems that someone in the Supernatural fan fiction universe knows all about both of them.

The 10th season has had mixed reactions from fans so far. Some have loved the first three episodes showing Demon Dean, and quickly “fixing” him. Others have complained that he was saved too soon, considering how much exploration the writers did of evil Sam in various forms. There is still time to bring Demon Dean back, but it does not seem to be happening for some time. For now, the writers are staying away for sharing anything about future storylines surrounding Dean and Sam. The Supernatural spoilers for season 10 have involved Crowley, Castiel and Charlie.

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