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Every season of American Horror Story is connected in some way, according to co-creator Ryan Murphy. Many fans will have never known until the decision to bring characters into season four that were last seen in season two. It will certainly be exciting for many fans, who now want to know how the various characters connect.

One thing that American Horror Story did that very few TV shows have ever done is never continue a story between seasons. The same actors may appear, but up until last season they all played different characters. Season four has done something different. Not only has Pepper been reintroduced, who was last seen in season two, but Sister Mary Eunice from the same season is also set to return. Lily Rabe has been confirmed for episode 10.

Murphy previously said that this type of set up was perfect. It would allow actors to come and go. They could sign on for a year and then never appear again, which is something that Connie Britton did. After American Horror Story season one, she went onto star in Nashville. A handful of cast members have come back for every season, while some have taken breaks in between.

However, every single season of American Horror Story is connected in some way. There have been small clues each year so far, but nothing concrete up until now. It seems that there are plans to connect many more seasons of the show.

One idea from fans is that season five will be about aliens and Area 51. This would allow the writers to connect to the alien storyline in Asylum, the second season. Murphy has not yet confirmed what season five will be about, but FX has confirmed that the season is a definite go considering the amazing figures for the first episode of Freak Show.

It would seem strange for the Area 51 storyline to be in season five. Murphy has focused on a present day storyline followed by a past storyline over the last four years. Seasons one and three were set in the present day with various flashbacks. Season two had the odd flash forward and a few flashbacks, but was predominately set in the 1960s. Season four has been set in the 1950s with a few flashbacks to tell stories. It is expected that season five will be set in the present day, with a few flashbacks here and there. It could allow season six—if that happens—to have a past storyline involving Area 51.

Other fans are against the alien storyline for season five. There are too many space-related connections throughout American Horror Story: Freak Show. It would be too obvious to go that route.

There are already clues for season five in the current show. During the last episode, fake fortune teller Maggie was handed a coffee cup that had a picture on it. That picture is connected to the next season in some way. However, Murphy refuses to say how. Some of the connections between the seasons are simply things like that. They are Easter Eggs for the fans, which is something other shows do now and then.

For a show that changes setting and characters every season, the idea of connections is great. Murphy has confirmed that every season of American Horror Story is connected in some way, but the question is how.

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