Taylor Swift Photo Bombs Fans!

Taylor Swift

Taylor SwiftTaylor Swift constantly gives back to her fans, with everything from private parties to exclusive content. Now, she can add photo bombing to that epic list of why her fans love her. When the singer is out and about she has taken to jumping into pictures being taken, whether they are school photos or family photos, and gives the families and photographers alike, the surprise of a lifetime.

Taylor SwiftNashville is the setting of the latest impromptu photo shoot. While Swift was out jogging, she happened onto two families with young girls getting their family photos taken. The photographer Sara Bailey was as surprised as her 9-year-old client when the country superstar stopped to ask if they would like a photo with her. Bailey said her clients were to dumbfounded to even speak, so the girls just nodded their heads. The photo’s are something they will treasure forever.

Swift struck several poses with each of the girls. One was of Swift and the young girl facing each other, hands on hips, and the one here will have fans thinking of the singer telling the girl to strike a pose. All are simply adorable, and these families are going to have the best story ever! These two young ladies are Nashville royalty, as the girl pictured here has even been interviewed on her local news channel.

The country music singer has always tried to give back to her fans, who give her so much with their loyal following. She has made trips to hospitals to visit fans, and has had many secret parties just for her fans, giving them a first listen to her music. While others of her stature are in the media for their difficulties, she constantly pops up in heart warming stories, winning over the communities in which she resides, and those that are touched by her visits.

Taylor SwiftWith Swift’s newest album out, 1989, the songstress has given her fans a whirl wind ride, with hints and fun Twitter messages, and many personalized things, such as notes in each album. She is a talented singer and song writer who will even take time out of shooting her video for Shake it Off to take pictures with the fans, as shown here.

She has set the bar high for fan appreciation and no other singer can come close to her unbelievably unselfish use of her time. This personalized interaction is what gets her, the most loyal fans in the world. She can make fun of herself, as she does in Shake it Off when she hints at not being the most technical dancer, but then makes it OK to be yourself as long as you are happy and are not hurting anyone.

Swift may be unlucky in love so far, but the love of her fans more than makes up for it. This young singer takes the meaning of mentor and role model to the next level. Fans around the world dream of running into Taylor Swift and actually getting a photo with her, and those that are the lucky recipients of truly personal interactions with the singer, have memories that will last a lifetime.

by Kristi Cereska

Taylor Swift with 9-year-old girl Photo by Sarah Bailey Photographer
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