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Taylor Swift has managed to do what often takes other celebrity artists decades to do. Swift has taken strides to assure she stays relevant for not only today, but also tomorrow.

When artists are building their music career, they are often overheard talking about overnights in the studio, or their tiresome but energizing road tour schedule. In PR interviews, there is often a sense that artists would rather be anywhere but on camera talking about their craft. They  seem as though they would prefer to be investing their time doing what they were born to do – whether writing, playing instruments, arranging music or the like.

Although artists love to perform, the grind of rehearsing, performing and recording can be exhausting. Not for Swift, though. She appears to have no pre-supposed boundaries, deciding that solely dedicating herself to studio time just might not be enough to make herself relevant for the long haul.

It appears Swift is equally comfy behind the mic switching up genres as she is pulling off PR frenzies. She possesses the ability to cross over multiple identities in a single bound, as NPR Music describes the artist.

Meanwhile, countless other artists go unrecognized or leave the scene as one-hit wonders. Alternatively, they may get lucky and get subsequent airtime or be depicted in a broadcast production such as Unsung, being featured for what they could have been if circumstances had been different.

There is nothing wrong with being featured in a retrospective type of show. This indicates a form of relevancy in itself. To their credit, the rhythm of the music has become immortalized through the would-be icon. It is only the tracks of their stardom that has faded into the recesses of time.

Again, Swift will not have to anticipate this type of problem. She has already risen to Billboard-level, claiming the title “Billboard Woman of the Year,” not once but twice. With her second win of the Billboard title, as recently as this year, she is the only one in her class to possess this particular status. This type of recognition is evidence that Swift is relevant today, with work in progress to secure tomorrow, too.

Swift has been able to proactively foster relevancy through the aid of social media. This type of engagement was simply not available to those who came decades before her. Become one of her nearly 46 million Twitter fans and this could provide access to be fortunate enough to have received an invite to her private residence. According to the Business Insider, Swift hosted an event at her house with a guest list of only 89 wide-eyed individuals, selectively chosen from her Twitter fan base.

Swift’s minimal guest list was by PR design. Her latest album bears the title, 1989, which is symbolic of the year she was born. While there, guests received an expected assortment of goodies and enjoyed an album sing-along. This memory will be everlasting for her guests, most especially because of the personal impact Swift provided by sharing her personal abode.

For the many people who were not there but wished they had been, they could possibly have another shot at it in a future Swift public relations plot. Still, some are simply not going to be happy to wait and wonder. Those could be the ones the singer refers to as haters.

Recently, according to ABC News, Swift was crowned a Global Welcome Ambassador by the New York City tourism department. Since the singer has only been a New York resident for a short time, this caused a stir and gained her a few more haters, as reported by the New York Post.

Swift, however, was able to shake them off almost immediately when she transformed her gain into a philanthropic act to benefit others. Spending her time on the positive aspects of her stardom, the singer has decided to extend her celebrity by pledging to donate proceeds of the tourism campaign to New York City Public Schools.

The young 25-year-old songstress, now Welcome to New York ambassador, is playing all the cards she is dealt. To be relevant today and also tomorrow, Swift is maximizing her legacy to make an impact long after chatter about her short stint New York residency or her insider-only private party has ended.

Opinion by Karen J. Dabney


Photo by WEZL Charleston’s Best Country Photostream – Flickr

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  1. Earl L Harbeson (@ELHarbeson)   November 1, 2014 at 3:50 pm

    She did not have one fan party, she had one in her condo in New York, one in her home in Los Angeles, one in her home in Rhode Island, one at her parents home in Nashville, and on in a place she rented in London. She did not pledge the money from the tourism campaign, as she is not being paid for it, she pledged the money from the single Welcome to New York.

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