Taylor Swift Removes All Music From Spotify

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift has removed all her music from Spotify. The country-turned-pop singer has made the decision after deciding that her 1989 album would not land on the music streaming platform. The company is now working with her and her representatives to get the music back on for fans.

It was a shock for many fans. They turned on their playlists to hear nothing at all. It made it harder for some who had to go through various playlists to delete her tracks from them as the software does not simply move on automatically.

The streaming service was designed so people could listen to music for free. For many musicians it is viewed the same as illegally downloading music. The musicians, including Swift, want fans to buy the albums instead of listening to them for free. However, Spotify argues that its platform helps musicians make more sales.

By having music on the platform, individuals can listen to new albums and hear new artists. There is also the chance to open up taste to new music without the risk of wasting money. The platform promotes artists, and leads to album sales. This is not the way that many artists look at it.

Swift has not yet spoken out about the decision to remove all her music from Spotify. Originally, one of Swift’s songs remained, but now there seems to be nothing around. It is a blow for fans, who love to listen to her music through the streaming service. The new single Shake It Off was one of the top streamed tracks over the last few weeks.

According to Spotify, her tracks have been played almost 16 million times over the past 30 days. She is also on more than 19 million playlists, according to a statement released by Spotify. The streaming music is just hoping that there is a change of heart.

She is not the first artist to decide not to share her music with her fans through Spotify. Bands like AC/DC do not have their music available for fans to listen to, and it seems there are no plans to change that. Coldplay waited to release their latest album on the streaming giant for four months after the release in the stores. The aim was to encourage more people to buy before starting to listen to it for free.

Swift previously made no light on the use of streaming services. She likened them to file sharing and piracy when it came to devaluing albums and music. During an op-ed piece for the Wall Street Journal, she made it clear that it was time for artists to set their rate for their music, and it seems she is doing just that. She is making it clear that if fans want to listen to her music, they need to pay for it.

To her music is an art, which means it is valuable due to its rarity. Musicians need to treat it that way, and that means getting it away from free and virtually free sites. According to reports, musicians get between $0.006 and $0.0084 per play on Spotify. While it is not a lot for independent artists, it is a large amount for larger, popular bands and singers like the country-turned-pop singer.

For now, it seems like the decision is not going to be reversed. If fans want to listen to Swift, they will have to buy her music because she has removed everything from Spotify.

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