The Originals Season 2 Episode 5: Red Door [Recap/Review]

The Originals

Red Door was the season two episode of The Originals that everyone was waiting for, after it was confirmed that Nina Dobrev would appear in episode five. She took up her role as yet another doppelganger in flashbacks to tell the story of Elijah’s love for Tatia. It turns out that the love runs deep, and there is a reason he wanted to be with Katherine Pierce.

The Original Doppelganger storyline was teased from the second season. Klaus and Elijah made it clear that Stefan and Damon’s love for one girl had happened all before. Tatia was their love, and a reason the two battled each other. However, their love story had a very unhappy ending. The blood of Tatia was used to aid their transformation into vampires. It was only time before that story was finally told, especially with Esther and Mikael both back from the dead.

It turned out that Esther never did use the blood of the Original Doppelganger to do the transformation. In true The Originals form, Elijah’s memory was changed. Just after Elijah turned, he was overcome by the thirst for blood and drained Tatia’s from her. He could not control himself, and Esther felt bad for him. She changed his memory, but brought it all back during this episode.

The question after the red door has been opened and the events of episode five of The Originals season two were allowed to play out is whether Klaus will find out the truth. He has believed that his mother killed his first love, but will be forgive his big brother when he learns about the real way that Tatia died? One thing is for certain; Klaus is excellent at holding grudges.

That was not all for the Original Vampires. It seems that Kol is up to no good. As Kaleb, he has placed himself in Davina’s life, but she now knows who he is. He has also stopped her from carrying out the linking spell, but certainly has something else up his sleeve. Right now, he is in the body of a lesser witch. Maybe he wants Davina to help him jump bodies into a more powerful witch in exchange for helping delink Klaus from all the vampires he has sired.

Mikael is now hurting after the events of the episode. He finally bested his son, but Davina had managed to lessen the power of the grand white oak stake. After a thousand years, Mikael was able to kill the younger Original brother, and nothing happened. The biggest shocker for The Originals fans is likely the reason for Mikael to want Klaus dead. He is still upset over the death of his wife. It seems strange considering how unconventional this family is, but it was all there in the passionate argument after finding out that he could not kill Klaus after all. It appears that Mikael has no idea that Esther is back yet.

There are still many more secrets to tell. Season two will certainly show more secrets of the Original Vampires, including Kol in the 19th century. Fans have it all to look forward to after a glimpse of everything behind the red door in episode five of The Originals season two.

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