The 100 Season 2 Episode 3: Reapercussions [Recap/Review]

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While Reapercussions was a detailed episode of The 100, it is already clear with the third episode that the second season will not feel as full or fast-paced. There was very little advancement in the storyline, and that is partially due to the 16-episode season compared to season one’s 13-episode program.

Reapercussions started off right where last week’s episode finished. Clarke came face-to-face with a captured Anya, and she wants answers. It looks like The 100 are really going to find out what was going on at Mount Weather, and it is not good. However, before any story-telling happens, Clarke needs to free Anya, and they end up in a body dump, called “End Containment Area.” It looks like a place to dump the dead and the dying, and it right where the Reapers live.

The Mountain Men have been feeding the Reapers, or so it seems. A few of the bodies are tossed into a cart, and Clarke and Anya end up splitting up. It looks like Anya is not interested in teamwork considering the last problem Clarke and the surviving 100 caused. However, the former leader of the Grounders has a change of heart when Clarke is taken by the Undergrounders. It is difficult to tell what Anya really wants. One minute she is saving Clarke and the next minute hurting her.

Back at Mount Weather, and Jasper and Maya are getting closer. It is only the third episode of The 100’s second season, but Reapercussions makes it look like Jasper is ready to move on from Octavia. Meanwhile, Monty wants to know where Clarke is. There are a few half truths from Maya, who may not really know what happened. According to the Mountain Men, Clarke is in the psych ward after ripping her stitches out, but Monty does not seem convinced.

Back with Kane, and he finds out that Abby helped Bellamy escape. Kane is still focused on following the law set on the Ark, but is willing to just confine Abby. That is until Major Byrne reminds him of the Exodus Chapter. According to Major Byrne, those breaking the law are subject to shock lashing. This is completely different to the punishment from season one of The 100. It could be that shock lashing is the Earth punishment, but on the Ark, everyone over 18 was floated for their crimes.

However, Kane shows that he is not completely heartless. He eventually agrees to 10 lashings and stares right at her while she receives them. However, he ends up making her chancellor, and shows that he just wants peace with the Grounders. This is something Clarke wanted, and that certainly did not end well.

Octavia has lost Lincoln, but the viewers have not. He was in the Harvest Chamber all this time, and is now marked for the Cerberus Program. Hopefully next week will explain just what that means for Lincoln, and whether Octavia will find out just what has happened to him. There are a lot of questions from Reapercussions, but episode three has definitely indicated that the second season of The 100 is not as fast-paced as the first.

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  1. colby   November 10, 2014 at 9:33 pm

    Lincoln was not in the chamber the whole time the reapers brought him ththat’s why they were getting injections as “payment”

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