The 100 Season 2 Episode 4: Many Happy Returns [Recap/Review]

The 100

It really seemed like a friendship between Anya and Clarke was brewing, until the events of Many Happy Returns, the fourth episode of The 100 season two occurred. The two were perfect for each other. While they were once enemies, they also have a common enemy: The Undergrounders. It just made perfect sense for the two to get along and start working together.

Clarke even knows the two should be working together. The problem is Clarke is the prisoner, and Anya does not trust her, even when they are running from the Mountain Men/Undergrounders (whatever people want to call them on the show).

Anya is trying to figure out how the Undergrounders are tracking them. One idea is that they smell—and it seems that the Undergrounders have some sort of super smelling ability—but after camouflaging with mud does not work, she believes it is Clarke’s footprints. However, Clarke has a better idea. One of them has a tracking device. Anya realizes that it is her, and rips it out with her own teeth. Remaining members of the 100 should be worried if the Grounders are willing to do that to themselves.

Clarke eventually gets the upper hand with the sleeper dart, and gets her now-prisoner Anya to the drop ship. She sees part of her mother’s message, and realizes that she is all alone. When Anya wakes up and attacks, Clarke almost does the unthinkable, but is stopped by a weather balloon. Her friends are safe and President Wallace was lying all along.

That weather balloon? It came from the Sky People as Abby and co. are now known as. Episode four, Many Happy Returns, of season two of The 100, Raven is finally allowed to return to work, and she is put straight on the task of creating a radio beacon to send a message to surviving members of the drop ship team. The problem is the mountains, so Raven creates a weather balloon with some helium.

Major Byrne shoots it down, saying it will alert the Grounders. However Wick, Raven’s new love interest, makes it clear that the falling of the Ark alerted the Grounders to them. Major Byrne even goes as far to say that all Grounders need to be shot. It seems like some of the opinions from the last season of The 100 are around. These opinions did not help the first time! Byrne’s decision also leads to Clarke and Anya getting shot, as they try to get to Abby.

When it comes to the Rescue Team, Finn and Bellamy’s role reversals continue. They come across another section of the Ark, with only one survivor who does not look like she will be able to hold on. Finn decides that she is not worth saving and wants to move on. When she falls, they believe she is dead, until they realize the girl stopped herself on the way down. Bellamy and Murphy are the ones to go and save the girl, while Finn continues to believe they need to move on.

Of course, Grounders attack on The 100 while they try to save her. It seems like they are going to die until the horn that signifies the acid fog is coming. That horn was blown by Octavia, who now joins her brother again.

Poor Jaha is not getting much luck at the moment. His storyline involves him being captured and then sold onto others. He does learn more about Earth and the way people work, though. It seems to be a deeper understanding than anyone else has gained.

Many lives are at risk, and there are still a lot of questions. At least the story is slowly moving forward in episode four of The 100 season two, Many Happy Returns.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham




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