Human Trafficking Ring Broken up in Manchester, England

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human trafficking

A human trafficking ring was just broken up in Manchester, England, and 13 people have been arrested as a result, according to a story first written about by the BBC News. A pregnant woman, 20 years old, was almost fooled into having an abortion after a fake “marriage.”

The Slovakian woman was one of the people targeted by the human trafficking ring. This occurred in Greater Manchester, England, and a gang arranged for the woman to be “married” and sold to a man for 15 thousand pounds (approximately $24,000) who was facing being deported, according to the police.

The pregnant Slovakian woman, speaking to an interpreter, informed the police that the gang members were trying to sell her “against her will.” They apparently also wanted her to have an abortion, and she was “appalled” by the idea.

Thirteen people in total, three women and ten men, were arrested by the police in connection with the case. The police are still investigating, and when any further information is revealed, updates will follow.

Written By Douglas Cobb

BBC News
Photo by David Conner – Flickr License