The Big Bang Theory’s Carol Ann Susi Dies

The Big Bang Theory

Carol Ann Susi, best known for lending her voice on The Big Bang Theory has died. She was just 62 years old. The cast and crew of the popular comedy have taken to social media to share their condolences and remembrances of the actress.

Susi did the voice for Howard’s mother Mrs. Wolowitz. She may never have been seen on screen, but the description of her is certainly a favorite for fans. Based on the description, it would be very difficult to find someone who could portray the woman on the screen, and so far only glimpses of her have been seen. It was her timing of her lines and the excellent writing that made her character so loveable and memorable.

The last actress has done her voice from the start, even though many fans have wondered whether it was really Melissa Rauch, who plays Bernadette and sounds convincingly like her at times. One thing that many have not realized is that Susi was battling cancer for a long time, and has now passed away due to it.

According to a statement, The Big Bang Theory actress died on Tuesday morning. She was just 62-years-old, and will be missed by all. She was not just a talented actress, but a joy while on the set of the show. She will be missed “greatly” by all.

The cast and crew of The Big Bang Theory have taken to social media to pass on their condolences after Susi’s death on Tuesday. That has all that has been stated so far, and there have been no confirmations on how this will affect the show.

It will be something that creator Chuck Lorre will have to think about soon. While a number of episodes will already be filmed, there are many others still to come. Mrs. Wolowitz also has a bigger storyline this year, considering her fall at the end of last season and Stuart moving in to help her. The storyline allows Howard to deal with the jealousy he feels that someone else is becoming close to his mother. There are a few ways that the writers of The Big Bang Theory can deal with this. Luckily by not being on the screen, the possibility of getting Rauch to do the voice is one.

For now, family and friends are remembering the person that Susi was, and the actress that she became. This is not just about her voice work on The Big Bang Theory. She has had a successful and fulfilling career on TV and stage. One of her most popular appearances was on Seinfeld in 1992. She played an unemployment officer’s daughter who has to deal with a horrible date with George. One thing that can never be taken away from her is being part of the original Ladies’ Room cast, along with Friends star Lisa Kudrow.

It was during the 1970s that she decided it was time to pursue a career in acting, and headed straight for L.A. While there, she was picked up by Universal Studios, and the rest is history. Condolences go out to the family and friends of The Big Bang Theory’s Susi after her death yesterday.

By Alexandria Ingham


The Hollywood Reporter

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