The Legend of Korra Final Season About to Peak

The Legend of Korra

The Legend of Korra is on its official last season, Book 4: Balance. The season is supposedly going to contain a total of 13 episodes, which leaves five left after the last episode, Rememberances. This article may contain spoilers as it explores the some of the events within season four.

Although its predecessor Avatar: The Last Airbender had only three seasons, each one lasted 20-21 episodes instead of 12-14. This is reflected through the main characters, as Aang would try to understand and fix a situation where Korra prefers to tackle situations the moment they appear to be a problem. Having a season longer than 14 episodes would feel out-of-place given her behavior and way of thinking.

This final season of The Legend of Korra is about to explode. For Korra, the last three years were brutal. She did indeed manage to defeat Zaheer, but suffered metal poisoning and PTSD. Finding the drive and motivation to overcome her lack strength was not a concept Korra was familiar with. All her life things came easy to her, especially when they required her to take action. Problem was that her own body would not react as she wanted and she fell into a depression that her family could not rescue her from.

With help from Katara, Korra decided to head back to Republic City and reunite with her friends, surely they would give her the strength to continue. However, when she reached the city she felt unready. She needed to fix herself on her own. With some forced help from spirits, Korra encountered Toph (thought to be dead) who helped to remove the leftover metal from her body. Even though it had been removed, Korra still felt fear in combat.

The most recent episode, Rememberances was entirely a recap episode. It was actually the first time The Legend of Korra has had a recap episode. Things in the season were really heating up, taking up a whole episode this late in the season seems like a waste because that time could have been used to help the story progressively build up to the explosion of the end on the horizon. The truth behind episode eight is that it happened due to budget cuts.

Nickelodeon cut the season four budget of The Legend of Korra down to a tragic amount. Those working on the project felt that they had two options ahead of them, they could let some of the staff leave a few weeks early or make a clip (recap) episode. Clip/ recap episodes rehash past content and often times leave fans unhappy, as they fail to progress the main or side stories. The team did their best to spice up the episode with Varrick’s retelling of the Bolin/ Nuktuk story, which turned out to be too extreme to make logical sense.

Now that the recap episode is out-of-the-way, The Legend of Korra is ready to continue with its climb upward to the end. Five episodes remain in the final season as Bolin and Varrick travel back to the rest of the team. Meanwhile, Kuvira’s forces harvest spirit vines in order to use their energy in a highly dangerous weapon that could spell the end of Zaofu. The next episode, Beyond the Wilds will be airing on television (as well as on the Nickelodeon website) as Nickelodeon announced via facebook that the show would come back to the airwaves after being removed last season. Why has Nickelodeon so poorly handled The Legend of Korra? Who knows, but at least even they are aware that the final season is about to peak.

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