The Vampire Diaries: Fade Into You [Recap/Review]

The Vampire Diaries

Fade Into You was full of beautiful moments for an episode of The Vampire Diaries. The trailer hinted that Delena fans should still have hope, despite Damon deciding that he needed to stay away and let Elena move on. It all came out at “Friendsgiving.”

The episode involved Caroline and Elena trying to move on from their Salvatore drama. Neither were invited to Thanksgiving, but Liam and Tyler were.

Before all that happened, though, The Vampire Diaries focused on witch Jo. It turns out that she was part of the Gemini Coven, and one of Kai’s almost victims. She decides to protect two young witches back in 1994, despite being stabbed. It is understandable to instantly guess that these two kids are Luke and Liv, and it looks like the show is finally getting into their backgrounds. It was going to happen at some point.

Creepily enough, Kai has taken Bonnie to that mass murder house to cook Thanksgiving dinner. Poor Bonnie just has to go along with it on The Vampire Diaries.

Caroline wants the perfect Thanksgiving, but Matt and Jeremy cannot make it. They need to clean up Tripp’s mess. When Jo turns up alone, she informs the blonde vampire that Alaric is on some unplanned Salvatore weekend. Elena is the one to call, and finds out about Miss Cuddles—the teddy bear—and says that it is hope. They are tracking the Gemini coven, while telling Stefan that he has been the only one not invited to Caroline’s Thanksgiving.

In true The Vampire Diaries style, Damon continues to make Stefan feel guilty in Fade Into You and uses the bear to do it. Stefan gets fed up and kicks the bear, only for the murder house to appear. Well, at least Stefan did something useful for once. Only human Alaric can enter, and believes that Bonnie’s magic is in the teddy bear.

Things do not go quite as planned at Thanksgiving. Jo is heard on an old video of the witch twin’s fourth birthday. It turns out that she is their older sister. In Portland, Damon meets their father, who now finds out that Kai is still somewhere on this other side.

The story deepens with Jo, who turns out to be Kai’s twin. Nothing can ever be simple on The Vampire Diaries. Kai can only draw on magic from others, so he could not be part of the set of twins to lead the coven. It has to be twins, so Jo’s parents have more children. Those twins merge in strength on their 22nd birthday, and that means Liv and Luke are close to merging. One twin becomes the strong leader, while the other dies. It is understandable to find out that Liv is not happy about turning 22.

Liv is stuck between a rock and a hard place. She will either die, or she will kill her brother. All she really wants is to drink shots.

Of course, there is still time for Kai to become the leader. If he can get out of the other side, he can take Jo’s power and become the “Ascendant.” They find out that they need the Ascendant to free Bonnie, but that would free Kai right now. The best thing for daddy dearest to do is try kill Jo. It is officially the worst Thanksgiving ever on The Vampire Diaries.

Daddy is even about to stake Damon, until Stefan is invited into the house by Jo. He and Alaric save the day and find the special knife that has Jo’s powers.

This is how Liam finds out all about Elena being a vampire. She ends up compelling him, along with the time they spent together. It is just easier not to complicate things with a relationship. That is how Damon and Elena end up together. She wants to save Bonnie and wants Damon’s help to do it. Of course, he agrees. But in a final shot on Fade Into You, Bonnie has been stabbed again and in a twist on The Vampire Diaries is left to hike back to Mystic Falls.

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