The Voice Results Show Top 10 Become Elite 8 [Recap]

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On The Voice tonight, it is going to be an intense episode, as the Final 10 competitors left will have the voting of America revealed, and the Bottom Three will be have a Sing-Off at the end of the program. Whoever gets the most tweets from viewers after they each sing will be Instantly Saved and will get to move on to next week. The other two will, sadly, be going home.

The host of The Voice, Carson Daly, began the show by recapping last night’s episode. Adam Levine and his team sang the Billy Joel classic, Only the Good Die Young to start the show. They were all INCREDIBLE! Adam has possibly the strongest overall team in the competition. The audience clapped along as they sang — they were all very, very good.

After that, Carson Daly had the rest of the Top 10 brought onto the stage, and he announced the first two America saved with their votes. He said that America had saved Craig Wayne Boyd! Then, Carson said “America also saved — from Team Adam — Matt McAndrew! The rest of you are still at risk of being eliminated.” Then, The Voice went to a commercial break.

When The Voice came back from the break, Carson Daly check in with the coaches. He talked with Adam first, who said “I’m super confident these guys will get through again.”

Carson Daly asked how emotional Gwen felt, and she said she felt “really anxious.’

Carson asked Pharrell how he felt about his performers moving on, and he said “I feel really confident about it.’

When Blake was asked, Blake said “I just can’t believe Craig has been undiscovered this long.’

“I have the names of the next two artists who are staying. America saved — from Team Pharrell — Luke Wade! You’re moving on! Congratulations! America also saved — from Team Gwen — Taylor John Williams! The competitors still on stage are at risk of going home tonight. The Voice continues right after this,” Carson Daly said.

Back from break, on The Voice, Carson Daly asked questions to the coaches about Taylor Swift from people who tweeted in. Then, Team Pharrell, with Pharrell, sang the song What a Wonderful World. DaNica and Luke Wade kicked butt with this song, and Pharrell was pretty awesome, himself. the audience swayed their arms, cheered and screamed as they all sang this beautiful and iconic song.

Pharrell added the line “I think to myself/We need to see justice unfurled.”

The remaining six artists were brought onto the stage. Carson read the next results. “America saved — DaNica Shirey from Team Pharrell! America also saved — from Team Adam Levine — Chris Jamison!” The Voice went to another commercial break. One more competitor will be announced before the Bottom Three compete in a Sing-Off.

“She’s a seven times Grammy winner, here to perform her new number one single, she’s the one, the only, Taylor Swift!” Carson Daly said. Then, Taylor Swift sang her hit song, Blank Space, that she debuted on TV at the beginning of the American Music Awards show last Sunday. It was a more stripped down version than she sang on Sunday, at least, in that it was not made into a big production number on The Voice. She did an AMAZING job, though, and the audience swayed their arms, clapped, and screamed as she sang. She was TERRIFIC!

“Taylor Swift, everybody!” Carson said “Taylor Swift is the first woman ever in history to replace herself at number one on the Billboard charts. You took a risk making 1989 — you must be really proud of yourself.”

“Oh, definitely,” she answered. She called being a mentor on The Voice “an amazing experience.” Then, we got to see Carson meeting up with the competitors on The Voice at a Starbucks. He told them they would be provided with a Thanksgiving dinner courtesy of The Voice and Starbucks. Some of their family members had also been transported there to eat with them.

“I will now announce the last artist saved by America’s votes. America saved — Damien from Team Adam! Two weeks in a row, three for three — congratulations! That means the three of you, Reagan, Anita, and Ryan, have the lowest amount of votes and will sing right after this,” Carson Daly said.

“Reagan, Anita, and Ryan have one final shot to remain in this competition,” Carson Daly said.

Reagan James was the first to sing. She sang I’m Like a Bird. She had the audience clapping right from the beginning, and her voice was soulful and she NAILED this song — but, was it enough to get her the Instant Save?

Blake then talked about Reagan, saying he loved the fact that she just turned 16 a couple of weeks ago, but “is strong enough and brave enough to take songs and put her own spin on them. You’ve got a friend in me for life, no matter what else happens.”

Then, from Team Gwen, Anita Antoinette took the stage and ROCKED OUT the song The Remedy (I Won’t Worry). The audience also clapped along as she sang. Her powerful voice soared to the rafters.

Gwen said “You’re an incredible person. You have something deep inside you — you’re such a beautiful person. We’ve gotta save this girl — she’s amazing”

“Now singing Collide, also from Team Gwen, Ryan Sill!” Carson said. Ryan KILLED this song, and had the audience clapping along and cheering as he sang. He has a voice that is both powerful and very melodious. He did a great job with this song.

Gwen said “He is so talented — I know! Ryan, you deserve to be here, you’re an incredible singer — America, please save this guy!”

Carson Daly said “Here we go — it’s time to save one of these artists right here. You have the next five minutes to get your votes in. The Instant Save starts right now!” After that, The Voice went to more commercials.

Finally, it was time to hear which of the three would get saved and which two would get sent home. Gwen said “It’s not about winning, it’s about the journey.”

Blake said to Reagan “This is just the beginning for you.”

“Ladies and gentlemen, the time has come,” Carson Daly said. “Only one of you was Instantly Saved by America’s tweets.” Carson said that Ryan Sill was the person “America Instantly Saved.” He added “Again, two weeks in a row, representing Team Gwen!”

Anita Antoinette and Reagan James will not be moving on to next week’s The Voice shows. They were both excellent singers and hopefully will have long and successful careers in music. Congratulations to Ryan Sill, for having been voted on and being Instantly Saved by America! Please leave any comments below!

Written By Douglas Cobb

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