‘The Voice’: Results Show Top 12 Become Top 10 [Recap]

The Voice

On The Voice tonight, we will learn who the competitors who will be moving on to next week will be, as the Top 12 remaining competitors will become the Top 10 based on the results of voting from viewers across America! The Top 12 performed live last night, and gave it their all, trying to convince viewers that they deserved to continue on and be the ultimate winner at the end of the season. Which two competitors will be going home by the end of this episode of The Voice? Keep on reading, to find out!

Host of The Voice, Carson Daly, began the episode by looking back on the performances of last night and also he introduced the coaches, Pharrell Williams, Gwen Stefani, Blake Shelton and Adam Levine. Then, Gwen Stefani, wearing shorts, took the stage with her team members, and sang a rousing opening number for the show, Riptide.

Carson Daly did not waste any more time, but announced the first two competitors who were saved by America’s votes. “America saved — from Team Adam — Matt McAndrew! Congratulations! America also saved — from Team Gwen — Anita Antoinette! You’re moving on to the Top 10! Congratulations! We’re taking a quick break and then we’ll find out who the next two artists are who America saved.”

Back on The Voice from the break, Carson congratulated Adam that Matt McAndrew made it and was saved by the votes of America. Adam was confident all five of his team members would be saved.

Carson asked Pharrell who he was bringing in to mentor his team, and he said “Diana Ross.” Colbie Caillat would be one of the other mentors.

Daly asked Blake what he hoped America could see in his team, and he said “I hope they can see their heart, and how hard they worked.”

Carson then announced the names of the next two competitors who were saved. “America saved — from Team Pharrell — DaNica Shirey! America also saved – from Team Blake Shelton — Craig Wayne Boyd!” He said two more names would be announced after another break on The Voice.

When The Voice returned from break, Carson introduced Ella Henderson, who sang Ghost. She was AWESOME, and all of the coaches gave her a standing ovation.

“Back to business at hand, I have the names of the two who will be moving on. America saved – from Team Adam — Damien! America also saved — from Team Blake — the youngest here, Reagan James! Congratulations, Damien and Reagan! Coming back after the break, Team Blake will perform an Elton John classic!”

Carson said, before Blake and his team sang Sad Song by Elton John, that he would soon be announcing the Bottom Three. They will have to have a Sing-Off to determine who will move on.

Blake and his team did a FANTASTIC job singing this iconic Elton John song. Craig Wayne Boyd did a pretty good job with it, also.

“I have the names of the next three who are saved and who are advancing on to next week’s competition. america saved — from Team Gwen — Taylor John Williams! America also saved — Chris Jamison from Team Adam! Congratulations, coach Adam! Now, one more will be saved by America’s votes. america also saved – Luke Wade from Team Pharrell! These three on the stage, Jessie Pitts, Sugar Joans and Ryan Sill, who sang Ordinary World last night by Duran Duran, had the lowest votes.

When The Voice came back from more commercials, Jessie Pitts sang Gravity to try to remain in the competition. Jessie gave an AMAZING performance, Blake stood up and gave her a standing ovation. He said “I’ve said before, I’ve never had the opportunity to work with somebody as sweet as her. she deserves to stay in this competition.”

From Team Pharrell, Sugar Joans sang I Want to Dance With Somebody. She was really, really good, and got the audience into the song, clapping and cheering. Pharrell and Gwen gave her a standing ovation. “That was amazing! You know how I feel about you!”

“One more performance,” Carson said, “and then, you’ll get the chance to save one of these last three. First, from Team Gwen, Ryan Sill, singing More than Words.”

Ryan Sill KILLED this song! He had the audience clapping along, and hit a really high note at the end that had the audience cheering.

Gwen said “I adore you! You keep on getting better before everybody’s eyes! You guys just have to save him!”

“This is it, everybody!” Carson said. “It’s in you hands to save one of these three artists with The Voice Instant Save! We’ll be back with the results after the break.”

The Voice host Carson Daly talked with Gwen after the break. “It’s too intense! It’s too much!” she said.

Pharrell said he wanted to still get a chance to work with Sugar, and he said he thinks that he will. However, Ryan Sill was leading at the time Pharrell said that.

“Ladies and gentlemen, here we go!” Carson said. “America Instantly Saved — Ryan Sill!”

The Voice began tonight with the Top 12 competitors left, and there were just the Top 10 left by the conclusion of the episode. The are three singers who will be moving on to next week’s show from Team Adam, Damien, Matt McAndrew, and Chris Jamison. He has the most team members left that were saved by America’s votes. The other coaches had two each saved, with Team Pharrell’s DaNica Shirey and Luke Wade moving on, Team Blake’s Craig Wayne Boyd and Reagan James continuing on, and Team Gwen’s Taylor John Williams and Anita Antoinette still left alive in the competition. Sadly, Jessie Pitts and Sugar Joans will not be returning next week. Be sure to tune in next week to see will be eliminated next on The Voice!

Written By Douglas Cobb

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