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On The Voice tonight, the Knockouts continue, but this will be the last round of the Knockouts before the Live Rounds begin next week! The anticipation and suspense is running high, as the coaches pit their team members head-to-head against each other, with the competitors choosing what song they will be singing. Their choice of song and the version that they sing of it could be crucial to whether they will win whatever Knockout they are in, or will lose it, and be sent home.

Carson Daly, the host of The Voice, began the show by recapping last week’s Knockouts and then he introduced the coaches, Pharrell Williams, Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani and Adam Levine. He said that “Tonight, the Knockouts end,” which likely means that tomorrow night will be a Recap episode.

“With only one steal left, there is no room for error,” Carson Daly said. He again stressed “It is the final night of the Knockouts!”

Blake’s team will go first on The Voice, with Allison Bray singing Sin Wagon head-to-head against Taylor Brashears, who will be singing Fleetwood Mac’s Landslide. In rehearsals, Blake noticed that Taylor was singing a bit pitchy at the end of the phrases. After Taylor Swift suggested that she sing it to someone in the audience, she got better. Blake said “She really needs to make it her own.”

“With Sin Wagon, here’s Allison Bray,” Carson Daly said.

Allison was great, though it seemed like the song was very speeded-up. Of course, she and the other competitors do not have very much time allotted them to perform. She sounded terrific, though

Taylor Brashears did an excellent version of Landslide, an iconic Fleetwood Mac/Stevie Nicks song. But, she would have to be pretty impressive to sway Blake’s decision.

Pharrell said “Both of you guys are great. I guess it’s just a matter of what you need on your team.”

Gwen told Alison parts of her song sounded “a little shouty to me.” She went with Taylor.

Adam said “I think I’m going to lean towards Allison a little bit.”

Blake gave his critique, and said “The winner of this contest is Taylor.”

The Voice returned from a commercial break, with two competitors from Team Gwen going against each other. Ryan Sill and Beth Spangler will compete, with Ryan singing Miss Independent and Beth Spangler singing Too Little Too Late. No video of Ryan singing Miss Independent was available at the time this article was finished.

Gwen told Beth “When your voice is open and warm, it sounds really unique.”

Ryan Sill sang first. He had the audience really into the song, clapping along as he sang. He utilized all of the stage, walking around as he performed. He had the women in the audience cheering and screaming as he finished. Then, The Voice went to yet another commercial break.

When The Voice came back on, it was Beth Spangler’s turn to shine, as she sang Too Little Too Late. She sounded smoky and sultry, and the audience clapped along as she sang. She sounded pretty amazing — this will definitely be a tough decision for Gwen Stefani to make.

Adam told Beth “You were fantastic. When you get really high up there, you can get squirrelly Beth, I love you to pieces, but I think that Ryan won the competition.

Beth said “This, to me, is a dead tie.”

Pharrell said “I agree with Blake, that it’s a dead tie. It’s a matter of choice and who you want to invest your time in.”

Gwen told Ryan “I think your style is really coming through.” She finally said “The winner of this Knockout is — Ryan.”

“Let’s meet Pharrell’s final Knockout pairing,” Carson Daly announced when The Voice returned. Jean Kelley will be going head-to-head against Menlik Zergabachew.

On The Voice, Taylor Swift sai:”I knew from the first note that this was going to be a game-changer.”

Pharrell said “If Jean does what she did today in the Knockout Rounds, she is going to go far.”

Menlik will be singing the Bob Marley song, Could You Be Loved. Pharrell and Taylor Swift tell him he needs to keep his eyes open as he sings. “On my team, it’s all about convictions,” Pharrell said. Menlik sounded awesome, invoking his Inner Bob Marley as he sang. The audience erupted in applause as he finished. After more commercials, The Voice will be back on.

It was Jean Kelley’s turn to sing, and she sang Chandelier. She packed a ton of emotion into the song, and the audience clapped along as she sang. She hit the falsetto notes well. The song was a great choice to showcase her wide vocal range. She NAILED this song!

Gwen said “This is really weird that you were both on my team and now you’re not. Jean, that was a really haunting performance. Menlik, you’ve really showing a lot of growth. Congratulations.’

Adam said that when Jean sings, she has a lot of power to her voice.

Blake said that he really like Menlik’s performance. “I’d probably pick him,” he said.

Pharrell said “You know what? Jean, that was like a Broadway play on stage. Who can argue with that?” Pharrell was about to give his answer as to who won the Knockout, but The Voice went to another break.

“It’s such a split decision, man. I have to go with my gut. I think that the winner of this Knockout Round is Jean,” Pharrell said.

Team Adam has two competitors up next. Blessing Offor will sing Wonderland, and he will go head-to-head against Chris Jamison, who will be singing (Sittin’ On) The Dock of the Bay.

“His presence is just great,” Taylor Swift said about Blessing’s version of the song. Taylor Swift gave him a big hug.

Adam recommended to Chris “to not stay in the falsetto part of the song for too long, but to come down sooner.”

Chris went first, and he did a remarkable version of this classic Otis Redding hit. The audience got into it, and he OWNED the song! Blessing will sing next, when The Voice comes back from another commercial break.

Blessing sang Your Body Is a Wonderland right after The Voice returned from break. The audience clapped from the very beginning of the song. Blessing ROCKED THE SONG OUT! But, will his version be good enough to beat Chris?

Blake “Chris, you sang the crap out of it! And, Blessing — I love your smile. There is just something special about you.”

Pharrell said “We were all captivated by your performance. I’d probably give it o Chris.”

Gwen said to Blessing “I was blown away — you’re both equally talented, so I’ll leave it up to Adam.”

Adam said “I whole-heartedly believe in you both. The winner of this Knockout is — Chris.”

Adam then had another competition, but it was not gone into very much. It was Matt McAndrew singing Drops of Jupiter, and Rebekah Samarin performing You Give Me Something. Matt was chosen by Adam as the winner.

Up next on The Voice following more commercials was Team Blake, with his final Knockout Round, Reagan James singing Hit ‘Em Up Style (Oops!) against Grant Ganzer Apologize by OneRepublic. “I think that this song will show off my lower register,” Grant said. Blake wanted the falsetto part of the song to be just as good, thou. Taylor told Grant to “get mad” as he sang the “darker parts” of the song.

Reagan, 15, will be tough for Grant to beat. When Reagan met Taylor, she gave her a big hug.

“This is a tough song for anybody, much less a 15-year-old girl,” Blake said. “Reagan has bitten off a lot to chew here, but I’m really looking forward to the performances.”

Reagan KILLED this song! She was TERRIFIC! Pharrell was really getting into the song, bopping along in his chair, and the audience really dug it, too. She was SPOT ON!

When The Voice came back from another commercial break, Grant Ganzer sang Apologize. He must ROCK the song if he hopes to win. Grant does a terrific job performing the song, leaving his heart and soul upon the stage. But, will it be enough to win?

Pharrell said “There was one point in the performance where you just held that note. However, my choice is Reagan.”

Gwen said that “I’d love to see a different side of your style. Be yourself!”

Adam told Reagan “You freaked me out! I really envied the confidence you had.”

Blake said he could tell that Grant was nervous, but he was great. “Reagan, you’re really artistic — I wish the hell I was. The winner of this Knockout is Reagan.”

There still is one steal left, and Blake has it. Who will he use it on? The Voice went to even more commercials, so we will not find out until the show comes back.

Gwen’s final pairing was the last head-to-head Knockout Round of the season. Anita Antoinette performed Rude, while Craig Wayne Boyd sang the Marshall Tucker sang Can’t You See.

“With this Knockout, it’s going to be special, because I have my son in the audience,” Boyd said. Taylor said that Boyd really needed to get into the song, like he was in church.

Gwen and Taylor wanted to do a make-over of him, and he agreed to it. They wanted him to “lose the jacket” as a part of it. Gwen also got his hair cut, and he went from a full beard to a goatee.

Anita sang her heart out with the Reggae song, Rude. She had the audience swaying and clapping as she sang, doing a terrific job of it! Pharrell was also swaying along as she sang. Soon after she finished, The Voice cut to another commercial break.

Craig Wayne Boyd KICKED BUTT with his version of Can’t You See. He had the audience hyped up, cheering for him! He was AMAZING!

Adam said “Anita, you have really come out of your shell. Craig, you just took that song and wrestled it to the ground.’

Blake told Craig “You never looked so hot. And, Anita, great job! There’s something very special about you.’

Pharrell told Craig “You were commanding the stage! I love both of those guys. I don’t know what you’re going to do.”

Gwen said that Anita “has come so far. It’s really shocking to me. I love both of you guys so much. The winner of this Knockout Round is — Anita!”

Blake stole Craig Wayne Boyd back, saying “I got my girl back!” That marked the second time that Blake stole Craig.

The Voice concluded the Knockouts tonight, as the four coaches finalized their teams to head into the Live Rounds. There were some terrific performances tonight, as always, on The Voice. Standouts would have to included Reagan James singing Hit ‘Em Up Style (Oops!), Jean Kelley singing Chandelier and Craig Wayne Boyd performing Can’t You See. Stay tuned next week for when the Live Rounds begin!

Written By Douglas Cobb

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