The Walking Dead: Crossed Sets Bloody Mid-Season Finale Up

The Walking Dead

This week’s episode of The Walking Dead, Crossed, sets up a potentially bloody mid-season finale. Daryl and Noah stumble out of the woods and Sheriff Rick, Sasha and Tyreese head to the hospital in Atlanta to try to rescue Carol and Beth. Michonne and Father Gabriel stay behind at the church to take care of baby Judith and Carl.

At the beginning of The Walking Dead, Sasha used an ax to loudly chop up pews there, working out some pent-up aggression also. Though there were no flashbacks or flashforwards in this episode of The Walking Dead, the perspective shifted to the various groups of survivors throughout the episode.

Daryl asked Tyreese “Is she hanging in there?”

Tyreese said “No.”

“Are you going to take the cross, too?” Father Gabriel asked Daryl, who was seemingly dismantling the church along with Sasha.

“Who wants to go to Atlanta? Rick asked. He said he owed Carol, so he was going. He handed Judith over to Michonne, and left the church.

Father Gabriel, Michonne, and Carl were left by themselves. Carl nailed the front door shut. Father Gabriel scratched at the floor and spit on his hand, rubbing at the floor, either to clean it or to reveal something there. Then, The Walking Dead went to a commercial break.

When The Walking Dead returned, the van or truck that Rick’s groups was in headed towards Atlanta. “You know I’ve been there,” Tyreese told Sasha.

“Bob would’ve wanted — Tyreese began.

“I’m sorry; no,” Sasha said.

In the hospital, Beth was in the room where Carol was, and a doctor came in, checking on her. Beth knows now that Carol is still alive, though barely.

Meanwhile on The Walking Dead, Glenn and the others with him were running out of water. Tara had the remaining bottles laid out in a row, saying they were symbols of their “solidarity.”

Rosita asked Abraham to “Take the bottle,” trying to get him to get a drink of water, and he would not do it. “Look at me! Look at me!” she yelled. Abraham stood up, looking ticked off.

Maggie showed up with a gun and told Abraham “Sit down or I’ll put you down.”

Sheriff Rick and his group discussed a plan on The Walking Dead. “This is all about us doing this quiet and keeping the upper hand. We need to do this fast. They’re smart.”

“That’s the best case, but what’s the worst case?” Tyreese said. He came up with an alternate plan, about capturing a couple of the cops and arranging a deal.

“I get it that might work, but this will work,” Rick said.

Daryl said that Tyreese’s plan would also work, “Everybody goes home, like he says.” Daryl said. Then, The Walking Dead went to another commercial break.

After the break on The Walking Dead, Carl laid various weapons in front of Father Gabriel and told him to “Pick one. You need to learn to defend yourself. We can teach you. You’re lucky your church has lasted this long. Once you’re out there, you need to know how to fight.”

He chose one, a machete, and Carl said “Good choice. But, you’re holding it wrong, and you need to learn how to drive it down. Their skulls are not always that soft.” Father Gabriel said he had to go and lie down.

On The Walking Dead, at the hospital, a male cop who brought Carol in talked with Dawn about the woman he had brought in. Beth said that “That woman has been here one day,” and asked how much electricity was being used to keep her alive.

Dawn asked the police officer to go and remove her from life support. She said to Beth “You’re going to do this. You’re going to save her life,” giving Beth the key to the medicine cabinet.

“Why are you doing this?” Beth asked Dawn.

“I thought you were weak. You proved me wrong,” Dawn replied.

Then, on The Walking Dead, Glenn, Tara and Rosita headed of towards a creek to get more water. They talked about stuff and Rosita tried to joke about the walkers around them lying on the ground, moaning, who would not be making it to Washington, DC.

Rosita said to Glenn “Eugene had one skill that kept him living. You want to be mad because he used it?”

Glenn said “Damn right.”

At the fire truck, Maggie got a blanket out of the truck and laid it over Eugene, to keep him out of the direct rays of the sun. “Get over yourself. You’re no the only one who lost something today. It won’t get any better than this,” Maggie told him.

Beth knocked on the doctor’s door and said “Can I?”


“That woman in Room 2 — what medicine would you give her?” Beth asked him.

“You have a key. Did Dawn give it to you? If she did, it wasn’t out of the kindness of her heart,” the doctor said.

He told her what medicine to get and as Beth left, the doctor told her “Hey — good luck.”

Back at the creek, Rosita built a water filter from torn clothes and said “Eugene taught me. It takes a while, but then you can boil it.”

“We crossed paths in Dallas. He had Eugene in the cab of the truck and Eugene said he was trying to save the world. Ford asked me for my help. Maybe he was lying, too.” Rosita said.

“See that? Glenn said. “Those are ripples. There are fish there.”

In Atlanta, a male and female cop chase down Noah. “Thought you were smart, Noah. You didn’t think we would hear you?” the female officer said.

“You do what we say and we won’t hurt you,” Rick told them “Put your guns on the floor and kneel We need to talk. There’s water and food.”

“The way you talk — the way you carry yourself — were you a cop? Believe it or not, I was too,” the male officer said.

A black car with a white cross on its back window roared up and there was a shootout before it drove off. The male and female officers escaped. Rick and his group searched for them, guns drawn. Rick approached a FEMA trailer and opened the door, but there was nobody inside. The male officer attacked Daryl and forced him down to the ground.

Walkers were nearby, melted to the pavement, trying to bite Daryl. Daryl dug his fingers into the eye sockets of one of the walkers, ripped its head off, and beat the male officer’s head with it. Rick appeared with his gun drawn, pointed at the male officer’s head. Daryl convinced Rick not to shoot, saying that they would need the officer in the trade. The Walking Dead went to another commercial break then.

The Walking Dead came back from the break, and the female officer said that their plan would not work. She said “There’s a good chance you can’t make this plan work and you’ll wind up dead.”

The male officer told her “We’re not going to do that.”

“You want us to die?” the female officer said.

“Please — let me help you,” the male cop said. He acted as if he had a plan to help them.

Glenn dispatched a couple of walkers and Tara scavenged a backpack off of one of the dead walkers. There was a screwdriver in one of the backpacks they had scavenged.

“Do you know how to clean these things?” Glenn said, pulling up a net from the creek filled with fish.

“I do,” she answered.

Michonne knocked at Father Gabriel’s door and asked him if he was okay. She said “Even though the things that we do–they’re worth it. I just want to try to help.”

Father Gabriel said “Thank you,” but then removed floorboards in his room, to try to escape.

Beth handed an old man at the hospital something. The man acted as if he could not breath, to distract the cops. Beth then unlocked and opened the medical cabinet and got the medicine she needed. The old man said he was okay.

In Carol’s room, Beth injected the drug into Carol’s saline tube. She then held her hand, saying “Carol? Beth. I just wanted you to know I was here.” Then, The Walking Dead went to yet another commercial break.

Back on The Walking Dead, Tyreese and Sasha look through the trunk of a car. “When you’re ready, you let me help you. You gotta say goodbye,” Tyreese told her.

“I should’ve been able to do it myself,” she said.

“You let me help you,” Tyreese said. They hugged each other.

At the church, with the floorboards removed, Father Gabriel dropped own and crawled out form under the church. He immediately stepped on a nail, which h yanked from his foot, and he hobbled off.

The male officer said “She’ll tell you she won’t make a deal. She’ll tell you she won’t compromise, but she will,” the officer, who told Rick his name was “Bob,” said.

“You still a cop?”

No, not a real cop,” the man said.

Father Gabriel was attacked by a female walker who he picked up and body slammed. He held a rock over her head, but would not use it to hit her.

The male officer told Sasha “I’m okay. I’ll be okay.” Rick and Daryl and Tyreese had left her to guard “Bob.” Bob said “His name was Tyler. He was with Grady.” He talked about when Atlanta got napalmed, and they were evacuating people from Atlanta.

Tyler was in the city when it got hit with the napalm. “I saw them out there, stuck and melted to the asphalt.” He said that Tyler was still out there, stuck to the street, “like some joke.”

“Show me where he is,” Sasha told him, indicating that she was a good shot, and could put Tyler out of his misery.

“Okay. The south side of the building — you can see him from over there,” “Bob,” told her.

Maggie tried to get Ford to drink some water again. She set the bottle down by him and walked away. Abraham reached for the bottle to get a drink.

Sasha and “Bob” went to a place where the cop said he could see Tyler. Sasha said “Are you sure that’s him?” Then, “Bob”b came up behind her and slammed her head into the glass, knocking her unconscious. That was where this episode of The Walking Dead concluded.

Trust played an important role in tonight’s episode of The Walking Dead, called Crossed. Whenever the survivors have trusted someone, for the most part, it has blown up in their faces. Sergeant Abraham Ford is one possible exception, though he might have killed Eugene because he got so angry at him for having lied. This episode worked well to set up a potentially very bloody mid-season finale, next week. Stay tuned in to watch it!

Written By Douglas Cobb

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