Thieves in Portland Stole ATM From Walgreens Store


Early Sunday morning, according to police, thieves in Portland, Oregon, smashed a SUV through the glass doors of a Walgreens and made off with an ATM machine. The robbery, which occurred not long before 4:30 a.m., happened at the Walgreen store located at 3909 S.E. Holgate Boulevard, according to a report by

A security company informed the police that the SUV’s driver backed up the vehicle, driving it through the glass doors at the entrance of the Walgreesns store. Then, two passengers exited the SUV and loaded the ATM into the back of the vehicle, according to the Portland, Oregon, police.

The SUV that the suspects were in was described by the police as being dark-colored and small. It also had a spare tire on the back of it.

According to the security company,  the driver of the vehicle backed it into the front of the store, crashing into  the glass doors. The police stated that two passengers exited SUV, hoisted the ATM into the back of it, and they drove away.

The two suspects who loaded the ATM into the back of the SUV were described as being of medium build and wearing dark clothing. According to the police, one of the two people suspected of being thieves was black and either had short hair or a shaved head, and also had facial hair.

The Portland, Oregon police stated that the ATM appeared to be the only item that the thieves stole from the Walgreens. Anyone who might have any information about the theft of the ATM is urged to contact the police via email at [email protected]

Written By Douglas Cobb

Photo by Squid Vicious – Flickr Page

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