Tom Hanks to Release Short Story Collection

Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks is to release a short story collection. Reports indicate that his typewriter collection inspired him to start writing. He has already secured a publishing deal for his stories.

The Oscar-winning actor has been collecting all types to typewriters for over 35 years. Some of the collection dates back to the 1930s, while others are portable machines from as recent as the 1990s. While the collection has inspired him to write, the collection of stories will not be about them. Hanks explained that his stories will be ones that were traditionally written on such items, indicating that there will be a nostalgic and vintage feel to the settings.

Knopf-Doubleday has already agreed to publish the works. However, there is still no title or release date. The decision comes after a story was published by the upcoming author in the New Yorker.

His decision to collect typewriters started in 1978, but he says there was no particular reason for that. He has not shared exactly how many of the vintage writer devices he has, but did state that his favorite models are the Hermes 2000, a mid-century Royal and a Remington from the 1930s.

As well as writing short stories, Hanks has gotten into the technological age. He release Hanx Writer, which is a writing app. It was another item inspired by typewriters, as the app mimics the motions and sounds of traditional writing devices when typing on an iPad. It will help to bring back the vintage feel while writing on a modern device.

Hanks is now expected to release a short story collection. The stories are reportedly based on photos of his old typewriters, but will not necessarily be about them.

His New Yorker short story helped to get him this deal. Alan Bean Plus Four was all about four friends using a homemade space ship to orbit the moon. There were mixed reviews from critics, but publishers were certainly interested. His literary agent, Esther Newberg, received a number of emails to find out if there were more stories to publish. It led to Newberg asking Hanks to write more fiction, which is where the idea of the collection came from.

The amount that Knopf bought the book for has now been disclosed. It will be edited by Penguin Random House’s senior vice president Peter Gethers.

The question of why Hanks is now turning to writing has come up in interviews. The fiction editor of the New Yorker brought it up, and found out that the Forrest Gump actor is simply ready to move into the storytelling side of things. He has a great respect for great storytellers, and is very enthusiastic about the idea. It comes after decades of success in Hollywood, including in movies such as Big, Apollo 13 and The Da Vinci Code. He has also done voice over work in a number of animation movies, including the kid’s favorite Toy Story franchise.

Now he will put his voice on paper. Hanks’ new short story collection will be released by Knopf, but there is no set date as of yet.

By Alexandria Ingham



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