Utah Dad Saves Young Daughter From Kidnapper



A Utah dad has apparently saved his young daughter, 5, from a kidnapper. Utah law enforcement has called the episode “a father or mother’s worst nightmare.” A total stranger sneaked into the home of a couple Friday morning and grabbed the small girl right from her own bed. He then began carrying her away. However, the possible abduction ended up turning out well, when the father happened to hear the front door of his house open. He was able to run outside and stop the kidnapping from happening.

Miles Holman, both a lawyer and also hired spokesperson for the child’s family, described the event to different news media sources, just literally hours after it occurred. The attempted snatching happened in the suburbs of Salt Lake City and the young girl was unhurt in the event. Holman explained that it appeared to be completely random.

The dad reported seeing his daughter being taken across their front yard so he started screaming himself when he bolted out the door and yelled for his daughter to be returned to him. Morley never put up a fight, the father reported to the police. The alleged suspect, who is reported to be a resident of Roy, Utah, was taken into custody later Friday morning, after canine search dogs were able to take law enforcement to a house located about three blocks away. It was where Morley had been hiding out, stated a Utah police sergeant.

The suspect was able to get into the little girl’s home because of a door that had been left unlocked. He was reportedly hunting through the basement when he found the child asleep. Law enforcement stated that the entire situation was very traumatic to the child and the family. To have an individual invade the sanctity of one’s home is enormous and that has to be one of the worst nightmares a parent could ever face.

Morley has been accused of kidnapping, trespassing, resisting arrest and burglary. He was first taken to a local Utah hospital due to injuries received while he was being arrested, and then later booked at the county jail. The suburb of Salt Lake City in which this event happened was where Elizabeth Smart was abducted in 2002. She was held in confinement for over nine months.

The attorney stated that the family was doing fairly well considering what they had been through. He also explained that they were not ready to speak about their terrible experience to the media at the present time.There was an autumn wreath hanging on the door of the family’s home. Sitting on a sidewalk heading up to the porch were numerous pumpkins. One had a princess figurine on it and another was painted up in an Angry Birds design.

One neighbor stated that she and her husband have three children, and that they are now considering having an alarm system installed inside their home. She declared that such an event was truly the greatest fear a parent could have. She added how something like the potential kidnapping could happen at any time and that was what made it so terrifying.

By Kimberly Ruble


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