Vanessa Hudgens Granted Restraining Order Against Creepy Stalker

Former Disney star Vanessa Hudgens has been awarded a restraining order against a creepy stalker to fly across the world in order to pursue her affection. The order was granted by a Los Angeles judge earlier today.

A man named Junior Kabongo, who originates from Africa, reportedly sent the 25-year-old a slew of disturbing emails detailing his intentions for winning her love. The most significant of these claims was that he planned to fly from his home country to the United States in order to find her and start a life with her, a promise he ended up making true on. The man was spotted on two separate occasions, November 1 and 4, driving up and down the actress’s Los Angeles street searching for her residence.  He never came into direct contact with the California native, but his dedication to meeting her alarmed her so much that she decided to take legal measures regarding the matter.

Kabongo’s other emails to Hudgens were equally as upsetting, with some of them containing extremely graphic details of his intentions regarding their relationship. He made it very clear in his messages that he desired a physical relationship with her, expressing his want for companionship in ways that sources say severely disturbed and upset Hudgens, given that she was not only uninterested but also is currently already involved in a serious relationship of her own.  He also expressed his desire to marry Hudgens, as well as his desire to be in the script writing industry.

Upon taking the matter to a court of law, the aforementioned Los Angeles judge was sympathetic with Hudgens and agreed that Kabongo’s behavior was well over the line and bordering on obsessive and dangerous. He was subsequently ordered to stay at least 100 yards away from not only her, but also her boyfriend and sister at all times.

Hudgens is not the first celebrity in recent history to have a restraining order granted against an unwanted suitor. Just last week, veteran actor Ryan Gosling was awarded protection against a woman named Grace Marie Del Villar, who claimed the pair were soul mates and subsequently attempted to gain access into the home he shared with partner Eva Mendes and their newborn child. The woman reportedly spent months harassing Gosling with unwanted emails and packages, one of them most upsettingly containing a cut out picture of Mendes with Villar’s contact info stapled to the page. The situation escalated at the end of October when she made the trip from New York to Los Angeles in order to further pursue the 34-year-old, a trip which culminated in her attempting to bypass his security gate by claiming that she was his twin. She was instantly denied entry due to the fact that Gosling has no such relative, and is said to have left a doll catalogue at the gate for an undisclosed reason. Villar also reportedly sent multiple messages to the email of the actor’s sister, saying that she was kicking his head. Soon after, a judge ordered the woman to stay a similar 100 yards from both him and his entire family.

It remains to be seen whether the restraining order granted against Vanessa Hudgen’s stalker will be made permanent. As of now, the man has not attempted any further advances against the High School Music star.

By Rebecca Grace

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