Five Top Tips to Reduce Holiday Stress This Year


Holiday stress is still a big problem for many people, but there are five top tips that can help to reduce it this year. It is important to keep this under control, as recent studies show that children and adults are both affected by it. This is something that causes a number of health problems, including sleep issues and cardiovascular illnesses.

The biggest thing to do to combat holiday stress is to start saying no. There is only so much one person can do, and taking on much more runs that person into the ground. However, many feel like they need to keep doing more for the sake of their family. Mothers tend to be those who take on the most as they attempt to make their children and loved ones happy. Saying no and then prioritizing the tasks already on their lists will help most people.

Another thing to do is to just stop worrying. This is especially the case about the small things that just cannot be changed. Worrying just builds up the stress, and it is often unwarranted. People need to ask themselves whether they can do something about a situation. If not, then there is just no point in worrying about it.

The third in the top five tips to reduce holiday stress this year is to exercise. It seems like there is not the time, especially with just days to go until Christmas and New Year, but even just five or 10 minutes will help. Exercise is full of health benefits, and can help improve sleep, muscle relaxation and boost the mood. It also gives a person something different to focus on. For those who cannot get outside to exercise, try turning up the music and just dancing around the house!

Changing the way a person does something will also help to reduce the stress felt during the holiday season. Too many people leave shopping and gift buying until the last minute. It leads to a mad rush around the stores on Christmas Eve, but is unnecessary. It is time to get the shopping done sooner, and have everything in place a couple of days before the main day. Next year, it could be worth putting together a savings plan and buy gifts throughout the year to ease this process.

Finally, most people can reduce stress by taking moments for themselves. Others are continually put first, and it can lead to beauty routines and workouts being placed on the back burner. Avoid doing this, because everyone deserves some personal time. It could just be an hour at the salon or just 20 minutes in a warm bubble bath with a good book.

The holiday season does not mean a mad rush. It can be enjoyable for all, and reducing the negative feelings is just part of that. People need to take some time for themselves and focus on healthy habits. These all work together as the top five tips to reduce the holiday stress most will feel this year.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham



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