Amanda Bynes on the Road to Recovery?

Amanda Bynes

Could Amanda Bynes be on the road to recovery? It certainly seems that way if her latest Twitter picture is anything to go by. However, she has shown this in the past and ended up going back to inpatient care for her mental health issues.

After her last stint of posting on Twitter, Bynes decided to take some time off. She has not posted anything since November 10, but is back with a new photo for her followers. The 28-year-old posed to show off her thin figure and belly-button piercing in a cropped top and knee-length skirt. Her hair was blonde thanks to a blonde-colored wig. With a caption, she shared that she was in the dressing room of Boutique Jules.

An employee at the store confirmed that she was really there. The best thing for the She’s the Man’s fans is that the employee only had good things to say. Bynes was polite during her visit, making it seem like she may be getting the right treatments now to help her mental health issues.

Many fans worried about the star during her Twitter rants last month. They feared that she had taken them to far, and should not have been released from her involuntary psychiatric hold just days earlier. One of the rants involved thinking about killing her parents because she reportedly hated them. Before her involuntary hold, she had taken to Twitter to say that her father had abused her as a child. However, she later retracted that accusation, saying that a chip in her brain made her do it.

Her latest Twitter updates make it look like Bynes may be on the road to recovery now. One of those signs is staying away from the social media site. It seems like she wants to live a more personal life, realizing that the updates have not been helping her mental health or her career. She has also kept away from many nightclubs, which have been harmful environments for her in the past.

Only time will tell if this is the case. It seemed after incident in 2013 that she was turning her life around. After being released from rehab, the star went to college and started working on a fashion design course. Things seemed positive around the summer time this year. There were claims that she had not been doing her own coursework, and had been kicked out of college for her actions. It was shortly after that that there was a stint of negative and erratic behavior from the former child star.

It is possible that she is now on the right medication for her mental health problems. There is also the possibility that she has the right therapist to help her deal with the thoughts in her head. Both of these would help her deal with erratic thoughts, and potentially dangerous actions. There is the possibility that she is following advice by avoiding social media for some time to help her. It certainly looks like Bynes is on the road to recovery, for now.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham


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