Amanda Bynes Reportedly Off Meds and Back to Normal Behavior

Troubled actress Amanda Bynes is reportedly off her medication and back to behaving normally, and is said to be no longer addicted to either drugs or alcohol. Sources connected to the situation recently gave a statement to popular gossip website TMZ in which they gave details surrounding the woman’s recovery and current standing.

The source says that the 28-year-old is acting as normal as she did before her downward spiral that began last year, and that the list of medications she has quit include Adderall (the drug responsible for her DUI occurring at the end of this September.) Bynes is allegedly so lucid that those who come into contact with her would have no idea that she has faced extreme struggles with mental health, including being diagnosed with both bipolarity and schizophrenia.

Her parents are reportedly so pleased with her progress that they have relinquished their 100 percent hold regarding Bynes’ access to her personal funds, a security measure they put in place because she was allegedly blowing through her funds like no tomorrow in order to buy extravagant gifts for strangers and use in various other bizarre manners. The handling of their daughter’s money was also a stipulation of the What I Like About You star’s conservatorship, the first one of which was awarded to her parents last summer. While the amount being released to the California native is in no way substantial in terms of what she is used to spending, they believe that giving her access to limited small amounts at a time is beneficial to working up a trusting relationship regarding her ability to control her spending and get back to normal.

Bynes is said to be spending her time doing normal, every day activities such as reading, meditating and doing yoga/pilates. Doctors involved in the actress’s situation say that all of these are excellent stress reduces and significantly benefit people with the aforementioned disorders. The fact that she recently took a trip to the University of Southern California, where she was given a VIP tour of the campus in order to get a better feel of it in order to decide whether or not it was the best choice for her to begin her studies, is said to be an enormous step in increasing her well-being and a sure sign that she herself wants to get better. Bynes says she wishes to major in Psychology, and it is speculated that the reason behind this is her want to help others get through the struggles she herself has faced in the past, in order to give back to the mental health community for all the support they have given her throughout tough times.

Her doctors, however, are not saying that the girl is in any way out of the woods just yet. They have explained that it is extremely common with mental illnesses, such as the one’s Bynes has been diagnosed with, for a patient to spend several months getting seemingly better and moving on with their life only to relapse into old habits a short while later. Therefore, they have reportedly warned her friends and family to not get too hopeful regarding a full and complete recovery just yet, although they in no way diminish the steps the actress has taken so far in order to piece her life back together.

It remains to be seen whether or not Amanda Bynes will remain in a stable physical and mental state permanently. However, those involved with the situation say that her progress is astounding and that her parents are no less than thrilled at the efforts their daughter is making to start a new phase in her life.

By Rebecca Grace

Photo by EyesOnFire89 – Flickr License

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