Amtrak Attack Accused Is in Custody


A 44 years old man from Saginaw is in custody after he attacked and stabbed four people in Amtrak train in southwestern Michigan on Friday evening. The four people included two male passengers, one female passenger and one train conductor. All four wounded were taken to the hospital and one of them has been reported to be in serious condition. Police are still trying to figure out what was the motivation of the attack behind the stabbing.

The Amtrak train was traveling from Chicago to Port Huron, Michigan, with the incident happening in Niles. Michigan is about 100 miles east of Chicago. The police received a phone call at 7 p.m. central time about a disturbance on the train. The person who called, told the police that an individual on board is becoming agitated and misbehaving and passengers want police to come up. When police arrived when train was stopped near Niles, north of South Bend, Indiana, he had already stabbed four people.

Police officers shot the attacker with a teaser gun and arrested him. He was traveling alone and did not tell the police why he committed the attack. A female passenger said she heard noises and screams as she was about to get off the train. She thought the suspect was only punching the passenger when she saw him holding a knife. Afterwards, she saw the man attacking two other passengers. That was an extremely terrifying situation and nobody knew what to do initially and how to respond when finally police arrived at the incidence.

According to another witness, the scene was very chaotic. After the police arrested the attacker, people were brought out of the train and there were some people who were in quite bad shape. The nearby traffic and other trains were blocked. A passenger traveling on an eastbound train from Chicago that was directly behind the train where incident happened, told that her train was stopped near New Buffalo. Passengers were told there had been some kind of medical emergency on a train ahead of them.

Few of the passengers were put on the other train bound for Kalamazoo that was traveling behind the train where attack took place. According to one of the passengers on that train, those people were shaking and very disturbed. They told that the attacker first stabbed the conductor then proceeded down the aisle to attack others.

It has been speculated that the Amtrak attacker that is now accused and in police custody, has been held on a $1 million cash bond at the Berrien County jail. His first court appearance is scheduled for Monday.

According to the statement from Amtrak official, they are aware of the incidence happened on one of their trains. It was a 364 Blue Water service train of Amtrak that travels daily between Chicago and Port Huron. The Amtrak Police Department is working with the Niles police to further investigate the accused of the attack who is currently in custody. It is also arranging alternate transportation for 172 passengers of that train.

By Atika Jilani




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Photo by Atulburnwal – Wikimedia License