Whitney Houston Biopic First Look [Video]

Whitney Houston
Following the embarrassing and controversial Aaliyah biopic last month, Lifetime may have gotten it right this time around with the first look at the Whitney Houston biopic. The trailer for the original movie was just released today and it follows Houston throughout her early career and through her tumultuous relationship with R&B singer Bobby Brown. Directed by Oscar-nominated actress Angela Bassett, Whitney is set to premiere on the third anniversary of the legendary singer’s death. From the looks of the trailer, it seems that Bassett wants to incorporate all the drama that made up Whitney Houston and Bobby’s relationship, while also focusing on her rise to fame, drug addiction and rehabilitation.

Courtesy of Buzzfeed, fans get a first look at the up-coming biopic centered around the singer’s life in the 80’s-00’s. Although just one-minute long, the clip gives viewers plenty of drama to get excited about. The trailer will give viewers nothing less than goosebumps at how similar Yaya’s portrayal of the late singer is. From the looks to the mannerisms, the minute was all viewers will need to be moderately convinced that this flick may just be worth the watch. Many may recognize the lead Yaya DaCosta from her supporting role in The Butler or her stint as one of the contestants on America’s Next Top Model, but the model-turned-actress takes on a whole new persona for Whitney. This is easily one of her hardest roles to date for the young actress to portray and one that will be met with plenty of critic opposition if Whitney Houston’s life is not well-acted.

Whitney HoustonWhitney Houston is nothing less than a legend, international star, and American treasure. From a choir girl in a small church in Newark, New Jersey, Houston found her voice could not be contained in the four walls of a church. She quickly became one of the most recognizable and adored singers of the 20th century with a unique voice and talent that was unmatched in the 80s’. Her rise to success was nothing more than well-deserved and met with much praise. Houston’s career spanned over four decades and includes over 200 million records sold worldwide, ten albums, seven consecutive number one hits on the Billboard Hot 100 charts, and over 600 awards won. Houston is one of the most celebrated singers in history and continues to influence female artists post-mortem.

Taking on such a legend and icon puts all the pressure on actress Yaya DaCosta. Following Lifetime’s portrayal of Aaliyah, that even sent producer Timabaland into an Instagram vent, the Whitney film should be nothing short of perfection. So far, it seems that the network has made the right decisions. The casting of Whitney Houston, looks similar to the late star. Yay DaCosta is no singer (as far as people know), so Award-winning singer Deborah Cox will be providing Whitney’s vocals. The casting of Arlen Escarpeta as Bobby Brown and Mark Rolston as Whitney’s mentor Clive Davis also helps in the illusion of Whitney’s life. Angela Bassett was rumored to be very close to Whitney Houston as well and may be able to give an accurate portrayal of what was going on behind-the-scenes during the highlight of her career. It also adds to Bassett’s credibility that she was the lead in one of the best biopic films in history-What’s Love Got to Do With It?.

Just from the trailer alone, viewers should give this new movie a shot. The cast seems to be giving enough emotion in the minute-clip to really catch the attention and convince people that the drama was real and raw. This is definitely a step in the right direction for Lifetime and still seems more promising than Wendy Williams-backed Aaliyah flop.

Opinion By Tyler Cole


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