Amtrak Multiple Stabbings in Michigan


Multiple people have been stabbed on a Michigan Amtrak train in the southwestern part of the state. According to reports, four people were stabbed, including the conductor of the train and three of the passengers on board. Two people have been hospitalized at Lakeland Healthcare Hospital located in Niles, Michigan. The stabbings took place at the Niles Train Station,, a part of the Amtrak Blue Water Service line. The final destination of the train was Port Huron, Michigan, originating in Chicago.

No details have yet been released about the condition of any of the stabbing victims. It is not known if they were related in any way to each other or to the suspect.  The suspect who was responsible for the stabbings is a man from Saginaw, Michigan, and he has been taken into custody by the police. The investigation is ongoing at this time, and no details about the motive for the stabbings have been released. Amtrak is arranging for the other passengers on board to get to their final destinations by other transportation.

By Jim Malone


Image courtesy of Loco Steve – Flickr License

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