Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Hire Cyber-Security Firm for Children

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Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie and her husband Brad Pitt take the protection of their children online very seriously, and have hired a cyber-security firm for them. The firm monitors the use to ensure their six children are not attacked or harmed while using the Internet.

Why do they not do it themselves? Jolie explained that she and her husband would not know any signs to look for when it comes to the online world. Neither even use social media, let alone anything else online. However, they do not want their children missing out.

The Internet is a dangerous thing for many children. However, many fail to realize that protection and prevention are so important. This is not just from adults posing as children, but from online bullying, virus threats and scammers looking for money. Considering who their parents are, the six children would be at risk of a number.

While many would believe that hiring the firm could be a waste of money, it makes sense for the Hollywood stars. They could learn, but it is best to keep the protection of their children in the hands of the professionals. Not everyone wants to learn about the nature of technology, and it would take time to learn about all the threats, anyway.

Jolie and Pitt made the decision to hire a cyber-security firm for their children’s security. According to the Salt actress, she prefers to write everything down rather than use technology, claiming that she is “old-school.”

The two celebrities do have Twitter handles, but it is not possible to follow them and they do not follow anyone else; even each other. Their accounts are completely locked, and Jolie’s team handle everything to do with social media for the actress. It is unclear who handles all of Pitt’s social media, but it is very likely a team of experts.

It was while speaking with People magazine that she shared this information. She also clarified that she was glad that things were much simpler when she was growing up. There was no social media and the Internet was only just developing into what it is today. She admitted that she got into “enough trouble” without the help of social media, who knows what she would have been like with it. One point she made was that all her trouble would have been well documented had there been Facebook, Twitter or any other social media sites.

There are plenty of firms who will monitor the Internet use of others through IP addresses. They can monitor the types of sites visited, as well as the time spent online. It will not just protect Jolie’s children from predators, but will also help the couple ensure their children are doing as they are told. Schoolwork is important to both Hollywood stars, and as the children get older they want to know that all six of them are putting schooling first.

Their children are aged between six and 13; ages that are influenced in different ways by different people. Jolie and Pitt do not understand the online world enough so have hired a cyber-security firm to protect their children instead.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham