School of Rock to Come to Broadway

School of Rock

School of Rock is coming to Broadway. Andrew Lloyd Webber confirmed that he will have a hand in creating the music for the show, based on the movie of the same name. November 2015 has been given as the opening for the new musical on the New York stage.

The movie, School of Rock, was created in 2003. It starred Jack Black, who was an aspiring musician wanting to win Battle of the Bands with his own band. When he is kicked out of the band, he is left wondering what to do with his life. His roommate and roommate’s girlfriend want him to get a job—the girlfriend being the most vocal about it—and it leads to Black getting a substitute teacher job at a local primary school.

Rather than teach the children what they should learn, he realizes that they all have musical talents. The light bulb goes on as he realizes that he can make a band with them, and be the star of the show.

The musical is set to have the same storyline. The difference will be the music, which is going to be penned by musical legend Webber. The composer is known for hit musicals such as Cats, Phantom of the Opera and Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat. He will be joined by Julian Fellowes, who will create the stage play and is known for hit TV show Downton Abbey.

Another man who is known for his musicals is Laurence Connor, who will join as the director of the play. He co-directed Miss Saigon on London’s West End and Les Miserables on Broadway just recently. Choreography will be done by JoAnn M. Hunter.

School of Rock will come to Broadway, and auditions for the roles start in January. People from across the country will get the chance, with auditions reaching Chicago, Los Angeles and New York.

There are some questioning the viability of the movie. It underperformed compared to expectations, and there are risks at bringing it to the stage. It is not the first to come to Broadway after underperforming. In fact, School of Rock will take over Rocky’s current location at the Winter Garden, which was created into a musical after underperforming in movie theaters.

The previews for the musical will start from the beginning of November next year. However, it will officially open December 2.

The songs are set to be original pieces, rather than opting for cover versions like School of Rock chose to do. While Webber will handle the music, Glenn Slater will manage the lyrics. He is best known for his work on Disney’s Tangled and the Broadway versions of Little Mermaid and Sister Act. Mick Potter will handle the sound, with lighting handled by Natasha Katz. Anna Luizos will work out the costs and sets for the whole performance, and Nina Lannan will be the executive producer.

With big names handling the majority of the work, the show is set to impress. There is hope that people will be excited that School of Rock is coming to Broadway in 2015.

By Alexandria Ingham


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