Angelina Jolie Has Chickenpox [Video]


Angelina Jolie has chickenpox and that has stopped her from attending the big premiere of her new movie Unbroken, which is debuting this coming Monday. She sent out a press release on Friday that explained she was going to have to cancel her appearance at publicity events scheduled for the film. They included a brunch she was holding at a restaurant in Los Angeles this weekend and the actual Monday presentation itself. All this is due to her coming down with a reportedly mild case of chickenpox.

Jolie was rumored as saying that one had to laugh at the terrible timing. She explained that she was positive nothing would hold her back from getting out and being there to support the opening of Unbroken but guess she was wrong there. She declared she was completely heartbroken about missing the premiere of the movie she directed. She stated that she wanted to mostly be there for Louie’s family, the many veterans and all the numerous guests who had been planning on attending the celebration. The film is basically the life story of former Olympian and World War II prisoner of war Louis Zamperini. Instead of Jolie being there, her husband Brad Pitt and their children are scheduled to show up in her place, stated Universal Studios.

The illness really could not have happened at a worse time. Jolie has been having kind of a rough week. It occurred not long after a major hack of Sony ended up with numerous private emails being revealed to the public and one Hollywood producer belittling her by calling her “minimally talented” and a “spoiled brat.” It also turned out that the Unbroken movie was overlooked for a Golden Globe nomination this past Thursday to which Angelina was reported to also not be pleased.

So, with all this going on, it might be easy for cynics to venture that chickenpox was instead a code word for “take a few days off.” Jolie knew this and decided to send out a video. It has been embedded in this article and is below for anyone who wants to view it:

Universal Pictures released their own press release on Friday as well and said Jolie’s case of chickenpox was “mild” but that the illness would stop her from making any public outings in the next few days. Universal also explained about Pitt’s and Jolie’s kids showing up at the movie’s presentation. It explained that Angelina was in good spirits regardless of her illness. For anyone who has viewed the above video, it is obvious that the actress does appear drawn and ashen in the video and can be seen with red spots on her body.

Jolie has stated she is extremely proud of directing the Unbroken film, and apparently grew close to the real Louis Zamperini, who passed away before the movie could ever come out. That was said to be one of her regrets, that he was not around to attend the premiere but that his family will be. It has certainly turned out to be ironic that she will not be able to attend the movie opening as well.

By Kimberly Ruble


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