Ariana Grande Performed Medley and Taylor Swift Rocked With ‘Blank Space’


Tuesday night was marked by glamor and glitz at Victoria Secret’s fashion show. Celebrities like Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, Hozier and Ed Sheeran visited the show and provided the impeccable soundtrack on the catwalk. The 21-year-old singer sizzled the audience through a breath-taking performance with a medley of four songs and Taylor Swift started her performance with the hit song, called Blank Space.

Taylor Swift was wearing a full-length robe as she let loose with hit songs through her passionate voice. Lily Aldridge, a good friend of the the 24-year-old singer, was a participant in the show, hence it made the singer quite comfortable during her performance. She was absolutely sublime in her performance as usual and carried herself with aplomb among the models. Be it attitude or voice versatility, she made the audience crave for more and walked the ramp alongside her friend Karlie Kloss.

Ariana Grande sang Bang Bang, Break Free, Problem and Love Me Harder with a chorus in a little sparkly dress. She brought her own group that danced on the floor along with her, which made the ambiance much more exciting. Most of the pop musicians of North America use their own crew for dancing while performing to enhance the oomph factor! The back-up dancers brought a lot of zing to the performance, with all the bright colors and styles to infuse a lot of energy into the performance.

On the other hand, Edward Christopher Ed Sheeran spiced up the night through his song, Thinking Out Loud, as the models Alessandra Ambrosio and Adriana Lima ambled the ramp with sheer poise. Both of them wore $2 million dresses that were crusted with gems. So, it is pretty obvious that the whole fashion show was grandiloquent and social media started buzzing about it.

In fact, Twitter registered quite a few hilarious tweets, especially from the male section of the show’s audience. One such tweet posted by @Baseball_Is101 uploaded a funny picture of a baseball player reacting in an awkward way holding the bat! The link is given below.

However, most of the people in the audience, tweeted good things about Taylor Swift’s part in the show, thus re-affirming her consistency. Even the singer of Bang Bang fame received praises through social media from her fans. During her performance, the 21-year-old singer, Ariana Grande got clipped by a large pair of wings in the back of the head but she carried on graciously. CBS edited the section where the Ariana Grande got clipped by the wing.

Hozier sang Take Me to the Church wearing a long jacket and black suit. It was a woodland fairy-themed segment and it seemed that he poured all the passion into the song by leaning over the mike stand. The ending performance was given by none other than Taylor Swift in which she sang television premiere of Style. Ariana posted group photos over Instagram, though she is hardly visible in it and expressed her excitement about performing at the Victoria Secret’s Show. Indeed, the excitement is not misplaced, both Ariana Grande and Taylor Swift put up a great performance there.

Opinion By Sunando Basu


@Baseball_Is101 Twitter Account


Atlantic Journal Constitution

Image by Eva Rinaldi – Flick License

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