Arsenal and Manchester City Both Pursue Daniel De Silva


Although young Daniel De Silva from the Perth Glory is reported to be on his way to Italy to play for Roma, rumors are surfacing that both Arsenal and Manchester City are attempting to offer him a better deal. While no numbers have been given out yet about any possible offers from the Premier League clubs, the Roma offer was reportedly $2.5 million over five years. Presumably, Arsenal and City will be attempting to improve upon that.

No comments have come out of De Silva’s camp yet about these rumored offers, and the only club mentioned in his public interviews has been Roma. An attacking midfielder, he would fit well on the City squad, particularly if the current injury worries were to extend longer into the season than anticipated. Arsenal could use the boost as well, though manager Arsene Wenger’s zone system may be more difficult for De Silva to step into, particularly in light of the fact that some of the current players are stumbling with it. It might take a little longer for the Glory star to make an impact with them. At the moment, with no concrete offers on the table that anyone is speaking about, it is only speculation.

De Silva is 17 years old, and is still rather small in stature, but coaches and scouts have remarked on his speed and the fact that he has a keen vision and awareness on the field that helps him turn that speed to unexpected advantage. He is able to see what is and might potentially be happening around him and process the potential plays and passes quickly. To have a player so young and fit with that type of maturity of play is valuable for any team. He made the leap to the Australian A-League at age 16, and has continued to grow and develop significantly, unlike so many of the young “prodigy” players who enter at that age, only to have weaknesses exposed. The upside on this young man appears to be huge.

Roma was the first to take the chance and make De Silva an offer. It may well be that he will value that faith they showed and not be tempted by any other deals. With Arsenal and Manchester City in the mix, however, it may be hard to resist the enticement to come over to play in the Premier League. If and when the offers become a reality, he will have decisions to make.

While not likely to be one of the most talked about moves of the transfer window for either Arsenal or Manchester City, De Silva is a largely unknown factor. If he continues on the trajectory he has set for himself, he has the potential to surprise a lot of people and do a lot of damage to those opponents who underestimate him. That sort of surprise impact player is just the sort of thing that many clubs will be looking for in January. Should clubs wait until Roma gets their hands on him to watch what he does in the Italian league, the next time he comes around available to acquire, the price tag will likely be a lot higher than it is at the moment.

Commentary By Jim Malone


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