Avril Lavigne Denies Rehab Rumors

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LavigneEarlier this month rumors started to circulate that Avril Lavigne was dealing with health issues and now the singer is setting the record straight and denying rumors that she is currently in rehab. Much of the controversy and rumors the Canadian singer is dealing with stems from a Twitter conversation between her and a fan from the beginning of the month. In the conversation on Twitter the fan mentions that there has not been a new album in two years and proceeds to expresses their concern and worry.

Lavigne then responded to the Tweet saying that she felt bad that she had been unable to explain to her fans why she had not been working on a new album and about her absence from the music scene. She also said that she had been dealing with health issues and asked that the fans keep her in their prayers. The rumors about her health escalated further after fans started a Twitter campaign with Tweets of #PrayforAvril and #GetWellSoonAvril. Lavigne responded to the Tweets with a simple thank you.

Now, the singer has gone back to Twitter in order to slam rumors that she is in rehab for depression as well as substance abuse issues in conjunction with her alleged split from husband Chad Kroeger. Rumors have circulated for a long time that there were issues between Lavigne and her husband, who is the frontman for the band Nickelback. In an interview done last month the couple denied rumors that they had broken up and instead insisted that they were still together as a couple.

On Twitter Lavigne denied the rumors that she was in rehab for a substance abuse and instead made a joke that the only thing she was currently addicted to was Bing Crosby. Instead of discussing any health issues or relationship problems the singer spent her time on social media Wednesday discussing the holidays and wishing people both a Merry Christmas and a happy holidays.

In response to the previous Tweets regarding the singer’s health, a representative for Lavigne actually spoke to Billboard. In the statement, the representative said that while they could not discuss the severity of any illness that the singer was dealing with, they could confirm that the singer was not pregnant.

Although the singer is having to deal with rumors that she is in rehab, Lavigne is doing more than just spouting denials. Instead of dwelling on the current speculation about her life, the singer is instead attempting to get into the holiday spirit.  Earlier in the week the singer was on Twitter sharing her holiday card for the year. In the card is a picture of Lavigne rocking her signature look with the words happy holidays. Even as she denied rumors of rehab, she used the holiday season as part of her response to fans. Instead of addressing the previously discussed health issues she chose to point out the seasonal music of Crosby as her current addiction. She finalized her message to the fans by wishing them all a Merry Christmas.

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