Bill Cosby Walk of Fame Star Vandalized

Bill Cosby Walk of Fame Star Vandalized

Bill Cosby’s Walk of Fame Star was discovered to have been vandalized on Thursday. A yet to be identified individual masked the star with the word “rapist” written several times across it. A photo was released to the public by a popular television station in Houston, Texas that documented the vandalism. Bill Cosby’s Walk of Fame Star was placed upon the California landmark in the year 1977.

Officials are unsure of when the vandalism took place, nor do they have any suspects to identify in regards to the vandalism. On Friday morning, the nasty words were cleaned and removed from the star. The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce issued a statement in regards to the vandalism, saying that the Walk of Fame was created to commend the individuals on it for their positive contributions. They also stated that they hoped in the future, if anyone had problems with any of the other members whose names appear on the landmark, they would find more constructive ways to handle their aggravations and/or opinions.

The Bill Cosby Walk of Fame star that was vandalized with the word “rapist” comes not long after the actor and comedian was accused of rape by several individuals. Over the last several months, the actor/comedian has been accused of rape or sexual assault by approximately 20 different women. Many of the women claimed to having been drugged by Cosby at the time of the assaults.

One of the victims of the alleged sexual abuse was P.J. Masten who used to be a playboy bunny. According to Masten, the alleged rape occurred at the Playboy Mansion when she was 15-years old. She stated that she woke up in a bed with the actor and that she was dazed and bruised. At the time, she could not recall if she had been raped or not. Masten said that she went to her supervisor and informed them of the ordeal but that they suggested that she keep it under wraps, especially since Cosby and Hugh Heffner were such close friends. She also stated that she knew of many more members of the bunny tribe that had been sexually abused by Cosby but that they do not want to get involved in the ordeal.

Another victim, and the most recent, that is claiming abuse at the hands of Cosby is Judy Hath. Hath claims that the actor/comedian sexually assaulted her around the year of 1974 at the Playboy mansion. This woman, like Masten, was 15-years old at the time of the alleged assault. This past Tuesday, Hath filed an official complaint with the Los Angeles Courts regarding her alleged abuse from Cosby.

Those close to the actor stand by Cosby in his claims of innocence, including Walter Harris and Hugh Heffner. Bill Cosby continues to deny the allegations of sexual abuse by these women; however, many are finding his claims hard to believe since so many people are coming forward with even more claims of sexual assault at the hands of the well-known actor. The actor/comedian has yet to be officially charged with any crime related to the claims of sexual abuse. Although Bill Cosby’s Walk of Fame star that was vandalized was able to be restored to being shiny and new, the actor/comedian’s name continues to be dragged through the mud by the countless claims of sexual abuse.

By Kelli Patterson

Christian Science Monitor
Photo courtesy of The World Affairs Council Flickr Page- Flickr License

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