Arrow vs The Flash Crossover Part Two: The Brave and the Bold (Review)

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As Oliver Queen himself states in the episode of The Brave and the Bold, there is a significant difference between the way he, Arrow, works along with his team, and the way Barry Allen, The Flash, works with his and in part two of this CW “vs” crossover, it is obvious. Green says that Barry’s support operation get to give their enemies “cute nicknames” while he skirts a fine line between deadly serious and just deadly. Cisco Ramon seemingly proves Arrow’s point for him by calling the latest big bad in the show “Kaboom Boomerang.” At least, the more violence prone Green tries to leave a few bad men standing in season three of Arrow.

In terms of amusement, Diggle provides some comic interaction with his former wife Lyla. He calls her sweetie during an attempt to get her cooperation and she replies that he only calls her that when he wants something a grinning Diggle responds with, “Is it working?” Perhaps this moment is not quite comic, but it is definitely cute. While the entry of Cisco and Caitlin Snow from Team Flash in the “Arrow Cave” does provide something a bit more laugh worthy, although the fact that Ramon cannot keep from touching everything in the room is also more cute than comically funny.

This episode allows the two disparate heroes to team up against the murderous boomerang villain, whose puns alone are enough to sentence him to immediate death, and the big bad proves that he is not too stupid as he flees the second he realises that a whole team of good guys have opted to take him out. The bad pun villain was a former Argus operative named Digger Harkness and after Barry blows his cover in front of Lyla, he convinces Green to allow him to help take down the criminal. The first thing The Flash does is put back together the broken boomerang evidence in a matter of seconds.

In The Brave and the Bold, The Flash vs Arrow two part CW crossover, the men compete differently than in their prior contest during the Tuesday episode where Green shot Allen in the back with two crossbow bolts. Barry gets upset when he sees his friend’s methods of questioning the criminal fraternity. The two men have different opinions on what is a good way to question suspects. The Flash and Arrow argue about the darker means that Oliver deploys in his crime fighting and at the end of it, he tells Allen that if he cannot live with it he can stop the partnership.

The biggest difference between the two is that Green is willing to destroy himself to win. It is, of course, much more than just being willing to torture villains to get information as Green learned the hard way that if he was not willing to go over the top, people die. Cisco reveals that he believes that Barry was created to be a sort of new hope in the war against crime. Arrow learns that the information he got with torture was a ruse to get him away from his headquarters and Lyla gets a boomerang in the chest when Harkness drops by.

Before the bad guy is taken down, he comes up with a problem for the two camps. Harkness has set up multiple bombs across the city all set to explode at the same time. If anyone attempts to disarm the devices separately, a secondary switch will arm all of the explosives. The Flash comes up with the perfect solution by putting five members of both teams at each location so that they can shut down the bombs simultaneously. A great plan that has Barry transporting each person to the five areas, but this time, no clothes catch fire from the friction.

By the end of the two part crossover, where The Flash vs Arrow in The Brave and the Bold the bad guy is vanquished, Green gets back a bit of his humanity and the two friends/heroes prepare to go at each other again to see who would win. Allen brings up Oliver shooting him in the back once more and Arrow tells him he really needs to get “over that.” Overall the episode was amusing and the two heroes work well together. The only annoying thing was the use of flashbacks that had a younger Olly Green being taught to torture in a place that was clearly not the island he was rescued from. This apparent discrepancy in backstory may be explained once all the older episodes of Arrow are caught up on via a long bit of binge watching but are a bit confusing to newer fans of the show.

By Michael Smith



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