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To increase donations, blood donation is now getting competitive. Two colleges in South Carolina, Clemson University and University of South Carolina, battled it out to see which school could donate the most pints of blood. The blood drive competition took place at both campuses near the end of November and occurs the week before the football game between the two schools. Students, staff members and fans of both colleges were invited to donate during the blood drive. University of South Carolina beat Clemson University with 4,103 blood donations, while Clemson University got 2,793 donations. The University of South Carolina received the blood drive trophy awarded each year to the winning school, which football fans saw at the game against the two colleges. Two New York colleges also created a friendly competition as a way to bring more blood donors, the State University of New York at Cortland and Ithaca College.

The blood donation competition, now in its third year, got students, staff members and faculty of State University of New York at Cortland to donate 105 units of blood. The Alpha Zeta Lambda chapter of the service fraternity, Alpha Phi Omega, held the blood drive for the The State University of New York at Cortland. The drive ran during the beginning of November and allowed volunteers to sign up in advance. The college donated 105 pints, which was 87.5 percent of their original goal. Ithaca College reached 78 percent of their college’s original goal. Sheila Sullivan, the customer service representative for the Binghamton District of the American Red Cross, said the students went above and beyond. Sullivan also said they gave 200 percent, and that some volunteers were leaving in order to find people willing to donate. Sullivan continued with saying that the students would have lost if they were not determined.

blood donation The University Medical Center, a hospital in Las Vegas, is creating a competition between the Las Vegas Metro Police Department and the Clark County Fire Department. The competition, named The Heroes Challenge, is in its second year. The goal of the Heroes Challenge is to see which group can bring in the largest amount of blood donors. The competition will occur in early December and donors can receive prizes.

A final blood donation competition which was suspended before it began involved a video game system and Kickstarter. A project created in Canada to fund a video game system that draws blood from its players, called Blood Sport, has its own Kickstarter page and the page says the project wants to turn donating blood into a competition. The game’s mission, which people saw on the Kickstarter page, is to create a multiplayer system that companies can take across the country for blood donation gaming events. The game works by having a blood collection system connected to the rumble system of a game pad, which volunteers then connect to blood collection bags. When the game pad vibrates, the player’s blood gets drawn. The goal for the project was $250,000 Canadian and the Blood Sport project got $3,390 Canadian before Kickstarter suspended the account.

Firefighters, police officers, gamers and colleges are all out for blood now that it is a competition. The Heroes Challenge gives people the chance to get a goody bag and enter raffles, all for simply giving a blood donation. The University of South Carolina went against Clemson College and won in their 30th annual blood donation drive. The University of Carolina has won the contest 16 times, while Clemson College won 14 times. The competition, beginning in 2013, between Ithaca College and State University of New York at Cortland had Ithaca College win the first year and State University of New York at Cortland won the second year, making this their second year in a row to win. The Kickstarter page for Blood Sport said it wanted to create the system to make the greatest and most mesmerizing gaming experience possible while helping others. Kickstarter did not express why they suspended the page.

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