Sony Employees Threatened in E-mail from Hackers


Sony Pictures Entertainment employees received a threatening E-mail from the hackers responsible for the breach of the company’s systems on November 24 that reportedly cost them a great deal of money and compromised the personal information of those working for the company. In this new E-mail, employees were told that the previous hack was only a small portion of what was planned in terms of actions against the company. It was suggested that they ensure that the company “behave wisely,” though specific grievances were not spelled out. The wording of the message was indicative of a non-native English speaker, awkwardly phrased. This lends credence to the speculation that the attacks may be coming from outside the United States. The most popular theory is that the origin may be a group in North Korea, possibly in retaliation for a movie featuring an assassination attempt on the North Korean president.

The group intimated that there may be Sony employees involved with them, telling workers that “one beside you” could be working  with them. E-mail recipients were given an address to go to sign up as condemning Sony if they wanted to be exempt from future attacks, and were instructed to turn off their handheld devices after reading the message. The company issued a statement that they were aware of the situation and were working in concert with law enforcement agencies.

By Jim Malone


Image courtesy of Dave Barger – Flickr License

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