Suspect Being Held in Killing of Teacher

The suspect in the killing of a United States kindergarten teacher in Abu Dhabi has been identified and is being held by authorities. The murder took place in a shopping mall bathroom a little after 1 pm on Monday, December 1. The Victim, 47-year-old Ibolya Ryan, seemed to be at the wrong place at the wrong time when a woman dressed in head to toe black robes and black gloves approached and stabbed her, leaving her lying bleeding on the bathroom floor. The suspect in the crime was arrested on Thursday evening.

The heinous act occurred at the Boutik Mall on Reem Island in the early afternoon in the business and residential district of the U.A.E. capital. According to a photo surveillance video that was released on Wednesday, the suspect entered the mall, had a brief interaction with a mall security guard, then grabbed a newspaper and headed into the bathroom. A witness from a nearby restaurant claims to have then heard a woman yelling at someone, telling the person to “sit down or I will kill you,” claims The National. The suspect would then be seen on the video surveillance footage leaving the mall about an hour and a half later.

The suspect that is being held in the murder of the teacher would soon be discovered to be even more dangerous when it was discovered that she had also planted a bomb at another location that same day. After leaving the mall, the suspect would continue on her murderous rampage as she visited the home of an Arab-American doctor and placed a bomb on his front step. The bomb would be discovered shortly after by the homeowner’s son who was on his way to afternoon prayer.

The son of the intended target quickly called authorities, who dismantled the bomb. At the time of the arrest of the suspect, her white SUV would be determined to yield greater proof in her guilt in committing the murder and planting the bomb. A police video taken at the time of the suspects arrest was riddled with evidence, including, blood on the steering wheel and items that were used to construct the bomb in her trunk. A later search of the suspect’s home would also lead to the discovery of even more items that were used in making the explosives.

The victim of the stabbing, Ibolya Ryan, moved to the UAE in the summer of 2013. She obtained the job through a recruitment agency known as Footprints. According to friends and representatives from Footprints, Ryan loved her job as a kindergarten teacher in the city and planned to renew her contract for the following year. Ryan had three children, 11 year-old twin boys who lived with her in Abu Dhabi and a 13-year-old daughter who resides at a boarding school in Europe near the children’s father. According to officials, the twin boys are being held in protective custody until their father can arrive to pick them up.

According to investigators, the suspect that is being held in the killing of the U.S. teacher had no prior known affiliations with her victim. According to a statement made by police, the crime could be labeled a hate crime due to the fact that the suspect targeted her victim based on the victim’s nationality alone.

By Kelli Patterson

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Photo courtesy of Keoni Cabral- Flickr License

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