Britney Spears and Amanda Bynes the Same?

Britney Spears

Are Britney Spears and Amanda Bynes the same? That is something the latter believes. Just recently, the 28-year-old actress compared her recent mental health issues to the 33-year-old’s previous incidents. Bynes even went as far to say that she is the 90’s pop icon.

The last few months have not been easy for the former child star. Despite being released from rehab in November 2013 and seemingly being on the right track, Bynes’ actions caused concern over the last few months. She started ranting on Twitter, making up stories about her dad abusing her and commenting about chips in her brain. She was even recorded saying how she would kill her parents.

For a while, everything was quiet. She took a break from Twitter and re-emerged days ago with a photo of her hair blonde and dressed in a cropped top and knee-length pencil skirt. It all seemed hopeful that she was back on track again.

That was until the recent Twitter posting. In this one, Bynes compared herself to Spears, saying that the two were not just the same but that she was the superstar. It really was just a simple line that said “I am Britney Spears.”

There are certainly questions over this recent posting. It seems like the She’s the Man actress is finally accepting that she is struggling with various issues, just like Spears did a number of years ago. However, there is the element that the Hit Me Baby…One More Time singer has made an impressive comeback and is rising back to the top. This could be something that the actress aspires to do. On the other hand, it could be another delusion from the 28-year-old troubled actress.

Spears had a very public breakdown. She went from being on top of the world to completely crashing in 2007. The singer was hospitalized, shaved off her hair and was under a conservatorship with her parents. There are certainly many similarities for Bynes, who is currently placed under a conservatorship with her own parents, something that she recently tried to get out of. She was also hospitalized involuntarily as she sought the mental health treatment needed.

Sam Lufti has been a presence for both stars during their breakdowns. The side that he has been on has differed in the two cases. He claimed the singer’s parents were drugging her and controlling all her finances. For Bynes, he has been working with her parents to help her get the care she needs.

Another similarity between the two cases is that both are former child stars. Spears was part of the Mousketeers, which was a part of the Disney club. She then went onto have a number of hit singles when she was still a teenager. Bynes is a child actor, who has had a number of hit movies and a Nickelodeon TV show.

Only time will tell whether the Amanda Bynes Show actress will change in a positive light. There is hope after seeing the comeback that the Toxic singer has made over recent years. It is possible that Spears and Bynes could work out the same.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham


The Daily Mail

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