Britney Spears Proves Abs Were Not Photoshopped

Britney Spears

In a world where Photoshopping is the norm, Britney Spears felt like she needed to prove that was not the case for her abs. The accusation came after seeing her toned form on the cover of Women’s Health magazine for the January/February edition. She did it the best way she knew how: through a video.

The Hit Me Baby…One More Time singer use a video of the behind-the-scenes events at the photo shoot. Jeff Lipsky took the photos, and it was a chance to see everything in action. Except for the more defined facial features thanks to makeup, the toned physique was certainly genuine. It looks like the original Spears is back.

The 33-year-old singer explained that she partakes in regular exercise. Comments came due to her fluctuating weight over recent years, but she has been focused on getting back into shape recently. Maybe her Las Vegas dates have helped encourage her to do that. She takes part in interval training and yoga classes, and also enjoys swimming.

The whole feature was about her working out, which makes sense considering the topic of the magazine as a whole. Women’s Health is aimed at women who are either looking to improve their fitness or want to keep their current level of fitness and for those who want to improve their health. Exercise is part of that.

After the cover shoot, Spears felt the need to prove her abs were not Photoshopped. However, the whole interview shows that she is a fan of exercise. While she does not exercise in the gym, she does yoga and swims laps. The Stronger singer told the magazine that she does not mind working out, and will often “start with 20 minutes of intense cardio” before moving onto bodyweight and light free-weight exercises. She always concludes her workout sessions with stretches.

It seems like a busy lifestyle for the mother of two, but she says that she is at her best when she is busy. Maybe it does not give her the time to think or dwell on the past. It is certainly proving to be beneficial to her health and figure.

Dancing is also a great way for her to stay fit, and she still does plenty of that. While it is a tough cardio workout, it is also fun and that seems important for Spears. Dancing is something that she has done from a young age, and still has a number of routines in her shows.

Exercise is certainly not the only part of her routine to keep her figure slim. She spoke about the diet that she follows, which is more geared towards healthy eating than cutting out foods. She loves raw food, such as sushi, and her snacks tend to be fruit or Nut Thins. She still enjoys sweet tea, which she grew up drinking in Louisiana.

She has recently taken some time off to celebrate her 33rd birthday and spend time with her new boyfriend and two sons. However, her Piece of Me show in Las Vegas will start again from December 27. For now, Spears came forward to prove that her abs were not Photoshopped, showing fans the real her.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham


The Daily Mail

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  1. Ja Sam   December 18, 2014 at 8:57 am

    Not photoshopped, that’s sure. But she didn’t get them for free. I’ve lost 22lbs with the loaded gun diet and it was quite an effort.


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