Bryan Cranston Does a Samuel Jackson: You Have to F**king Eat



Breaking Bad‘s Bryan Cranston proves yet again that versatility should be his middle name when he does a “Samuel Jackson” and reads You have to F**king Eat. The award winning actor reads the sequel to Adam Mansbach’s Go the F**k to Sleep read by Jackson in a hilarious presentation of the frustrations of fatherhood in dealing with an awkward child. Mansbach, best selling author and a man who understands parent’s innermost feelings in dealing with their difficult offspring, has added to his first book about sleeping, or lack thereof. This time it is about getting the little one to chow down at the dinner table.

This long awaited sequel to the first expletive filled child rearing book hit the shelves in November this year and now the audio version is on offer over at for a pittance and just in time for those who may need to buy a last minute metaphorical stocking stuffer before the big day. A brief word of warning, this Cranston orated version of the story is for the grownups and not for kiddies, unless as a parent you do not mind your four year old repeating the title, “You Have to F**King Eat,” at the dinner table.

Presumably, fans of Adam Mansbach this side of the big pond, have the option to listen to Walter White, aka Hal, aka Heisenberg, et al, read the lines from the book. For those that are interested, YouTube features some snippets of Bryan Cranston’s identifiable tones reading the follow up as he does his version of Samuel Jackson’s Go the F**k to Sleep with You Have to F**king Eat.”

Cranston became a household name in the long running family comedy Malcolm in the Middle as Hal, the father of genius Malcolm, played by Frankie Muniz, and went on to become internationally famous as the high school chemistry teacher turned meth kingpin, Walter White, aka Heisenberg in the Vince Gilligan AMC drama Breaking Bad. This smash hit gained the 58 year old actor a whole legion of new fans as well as a number of awards. Apart from proving that he was worthy of an Emmy, or two or more, Cranston also showed the world that he could do a lot more than just comedy in a supporting role.

Over in the United Kingdom, audiobook lovers with a sense of humor (or humour) are offered the chance to listen to the venerable Stephen Fry reading the tale under the banner of Canongate Books. For an idea of how it sounds head over to YouTube. Once there type in the book’s title, the real one without asterisks, and “read by Stephen Fry.” Suffice to say that fans of Fry will no doubt love his iteration of parental pleading, albeit with a lot of rude language, for their child to eat.

Entertaining as that is, Bryan Cranston doing his “Samuel Jackson” and reading aloud You Have to F**king Eat, is just that tad better. After all, Heisenberg reading this as a parent is hilarious, especially if one pictures the actor in that porkpie hat and sunglasses while listening. Because really, he is the “one who reads.”

By Michael Smith



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